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The second level of Monster Hunter: World’s hub area, Astera is where you will spend the majority of your time. As the game is largely centered around collecting material and crafting cool stuff, this is mostly done on level 2 at the Smithy. You can also use the Armory here too. Both can be located inside the Workshop building.


The Smithy serves as the central point for all things equipment related. You can access the Smithy by heading up the stairs near Your Room or using the Lift (see miscellaneous section). At the Smithy, you can do a number of activities:

  • Forge Equipment – Use materials and money to forge new equipment.
  • Upgrade Equipment – Use materials and money to upgrade equipment.
  • Forge Palico Equipment – Use materials and points to forge Palico equipment.
  • Customize Bowgun – Outfit your bowgun with custom mods to change its properties.
  • Manage Kinsects – Customize your insect glaive’s Kinsect.
  • Change Equipment – Change or organize your equipment.

As you defeat more Monsters, you will collect new materials. Collecting new materials will unlock new armor sets and weapons to wield. Return to the Smithy to keep your wishlist full of better gear.


Located inside the same building as the Smithy, you will find the Amory. Unlike the Smithy, the Armory already boasts ready made weapons and armor for sale. At the Armory you can:

  • Purchase Weapons
  • Purchase Armor
  • Sell
  • Change Equipment

Private Quarters & Private Suite


Besides the Smithy and Armory, there really isn’t much else on the second floor of the Astera. The only other thing of not I will point out is the Private Quarters entrance on the Waterfall Bridge. This area will be closed to you at the game’s start.

Once you progress into the game and level your character, you will be able to move to the Private Quarters. This new living quarter features most of the same features, but there is now an aquarium you can look at!

The Private Suite is the final Living Quarters upgrade you can get. It can be upgraded after completing the main story.

Private Suite – Upon completion of the “A Colossal Task” story quest, you will be able to upgrade your living spaces yet again. The entrance remains the same but the interior gets a swagged out look (you get your own harp playing Palico).

That’s all for floor 2 really. Not much else up here to talk about (some things will be touched on in the miscellaneous section). The next page of this guide will deal with floors 3 & 4 which house the Canteen and Gathering Hub.


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Continue our walkthrough of the Astera Hub on page 3. Drop any comments you have in The Pit below.


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