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How to Redeem Codes on PS4 0

How to Redeem Codes on PS4

There are now a ton of options to purchase games and DLCs on PS4 that it can often be confusing how to go about actually getting your items. To help get you moving in the right direction for inputting your...

How to get all Bloodborne endings 0

How to Get All Bloodborne Endings

Bloodborne, the monster hunting, horror – action game out of From Software, features a total of three distinct endings for players to unlock. These endings require completing certain criteria to access them and can be a bit confusing to unlock....

How to back up PS4 saves 0

How to Back Up PS4 Saves

The release of the PlayStation 4 update 2.5, Yukimura, back in 2015 brought a whole slew of functionality to the PS4, including the ability to back up games and other data. How exactly does this back up process work? Let...