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Floors 3 & 4 really only contain one area of interest a piece. Floor 3 houses the Canteen while Floor 4 houses the Gathering Hub. I will briefly touch on both areas in the page below. Keep in mind that both areas can be accessed using the Lift, which makes it super quick to get up to them.

F3 – Canteen

The Canteen can be found on by the North Gate in the upper area of Astera. At the Canteen, you can purchase meals which boost stats such as health and stamina, and grant special food skills. The meal effects end after you complete a quest, return from a quest of expedition, or faint during a quest or expedition. There are a number of ways to acquire food from the Canteen:

  • Money
  • Points
  • Voucher
  • Oven Roast

F4 – Gathering Hub

The Gathering Hub can be found on flour 4 and is accessed by an entrance near the Canteen or via the Lift. This area is designed with Guild play in mind as it can house up to 16 players. The Gathering Hub contains the following:

  • Arena Counter/Quest Counter
  • Squad Manager
  • Notice Board
  • Canteen/your room/Hub Provisions
  • Activites – Arm Wrestling

That concludes our tour of the various Floors in Astera. The next page will cover things like NPCs and Miscellaneous things (Item Boxes, Lifts, etc.). Continue on if that interests you.


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Continue our walkthrough of the Astera Hub on page 4. Drop any comments you have in The Pit below.


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