How to Get the Sealed Eyepatch – Monster Hunter World

How to Get the Sealed Eyepatch in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World currently holding their Spring Blossom Event is, which features a number of new and interesting pieces of content. Alongside this new content is the chance to play a number of timed events you may have missed in the past. One event that may interest you unlocks the Sealed Eyepatch. Below I will show you how to get the Sealed Eyepatch in Monster Hunter World.

Start Event Quest: Scrapping with the Shamos

Scrapping with Shamos quest in Monster Hunter World.

To unlock the Sealed Eyepatch, you need to complete an event quest. This event Quest was a timed quest, that has become accessible once again because of the Spring Blossom Event. When ready to start, select the Event Quest “Scrapping with the Shamos” from the job board to begin the first step in this guide. Note: you need to be HR 11 or higher for this quest.

Complete Event Quest: Scrapping with the Shamos

Hunting Shamos during the Monster Hunter World Event quest

Once you’ve selected the Event Quest, you will be sent to the Coral Highlands to Hunt 13 Shamos. To easily complete this hunt, head to the Southern Camp and make your way counterclockwise along the path in level 1. You will run into a number of Shamos here which makes the hunt only a few minutes to complete. Be sure while hunting you collect the materials from the Shamos (you need them for crafting).

After you’ve finished the hunt, you will find a couple of quest rewards which are ?. These rewards are Black Bandages which are materials we need to make the Sealed Eye Patch.

Take the Black Bandage to the Smithy

With Black Bandages in hand, make your way to the Smithy in Astera. Here you will now have the option of crafting the Sealed Eyepatch. Making this Rank 5 eyepiece requires the following materials:

  • 2x Black Bandage, 7x Shamos Scale+, 5x Shamos Hide+, 4x Piercing Claw.

The Sealed Eyepatch has a skill of Fire Resistance Level 1.

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