The Last of Us 2 Trophy List with Guides

Our The Last of Us 2 Trophy List and guide provides all the information you need to get all 26 trophies and ultimately the game’s platinum. Within the 26 trophies in the game you will find a variety of tasks to complete including some fun little secret trophies that involve mini-games and character interactions. While reading the list below keep in mind there is no difficulty trophies so you can trophy hunt at the lowest possible difficulty without fear of missing out on anything.

The Last of Us 2 Trophy List

  • Every Last One of Them: Collect all trophies (platinum).
  • What I Had to Do: Complete the story.
  • Survival Expert: Learn all player upgrades.
  • Arms Master: Fully upgrade all weapons.
  • Archivist: Find all artifacts and journal entries.
  • Master Set: Find all trading cards.
  • Nuismatist: Find all coins.
  • Prepared for the worst: find all workbenches.
  • Mechanist: Fully upgrade a weapon.
  • Specialist: Learn all player upgrades in one branch.
  • Safecracker: unlock every safe.
  • Sightseer: visit every location in downtown Seattle.
  • Journeyman: find all training manuals.
  • Survival Training: learn 25 player upgrades.
  • High Caliber: find all weapons.
  • In the field: find 12 workbenches.
  • Tool of the Trade: Craft every item.
  • Tinkerer: Upgrade a weapon.
  • Apprentice: Learn a player upgrade.
  • Starter Set: Find 5 trading cards.
  • Mint Condition: Find 5 coins.
  • Looks Good On You: Put a hat on your companion.
  • Put My Name Up: Get the high score in the bow and arrow game.
  • Sharpshooter: Win the marksmanship competition.
  • Relic of the Sages: Find the Strange Artifact.
  • So Great and Small: Find the Engraved Ring.

The above listed trophies are not terribly difficult to unlock, but will take a bit of time. This is especially true for some of the upgrade related trophies as they will require playing the game twice through.


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