The Last of Us 2: Sharpshooter Trophy Guide

The Sharpshooter Trophy is a hidden trophy players can unlock in The Last of Us 2 by winning a marksmanship competition in The Stadium. To help you complete this task we’ve put together a quick and dirty Sharpshooter trophy guide you can find below.

Where to Start the Marksmanship Competition

Image showing where to start the Marksmanship Competition during The Stadium.

The Marksmanship competition this trophy refers to takes place during The Stadium level. Before you head out on duty you will stop by the Gun Range to get your weapons for the patrol. Speak to Manny when he is standing in front of the Gun Range to start the competition.

How to Win the Marksmanship Competition

There really isn’t any secret method to winning the competition. Basically you have ten shots to take and you will rack up points depending on where your shots land on the target. If for some odd reason you are really struggling with getting this trophy, simply drop the difficulty down to very light which gives you aim assist.

To win the match you will need to hit around an 85. When I popped this trophy Manny scored an 83 to my 85 so it was a relatively close shootout. With that said at this point in the game you should easily be able to bang this trophy out during The Stadium mission.

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