The Last of Us 2: Sightseer Trophy Guide – All Named Downtown Seattle Situations

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In The Last of Us Part II there is heavy emphasis on exploration. Each location you visit in the game encourages you to head off the beaten path to find supplies, story moments, and even trophies. One trophy players can unlock in Downtown Seattle is called Sightseer. This trophy tasks players with visiting all named locations in the Downtown Seattle area. To help you complete this trophy use our Sightseer trophy guide below.

All Downtown Seattle Named Locations Map

Image showing a map of all the named locations in Downtown Seattle for the Sightseer trophy.

To unlock the Sightseer trophy in The Last of Us Part II you will need to visit a total of 10 locations in the Downtown Seattle area of the game. These ten locations are various buildings and stores. To get the trophy visit the following buildings shown on the map above:

  1. Westlake Bank
  2. Ration Distribution Center
  3. Ruined building
  4. Valiant Music Shop
  5. Checkpoint tent
  6. Gate West 2
  7. Courthouse
  8. Ruston Coffee
  9. Container under the highway
  10. Barko’s Pet Shop

While you are able to visit most of the locations listed above relatively easily, the Barko store requires finding a key to enter. This key is found in a nearby store (it’s on a dog bone key chain). Besides this shop most of the locations listed above are fairly easy to enter and explore. Once you’ve visited all ten of the locations shown on the map above you will unlock the Sightseer trophy.

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