The Last of Us 2: Looks Good On You Trophy Guide – How to Get Joel to Wear a Hat

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During The Last of Us Part II there is a few time jump sequences where we move from present day to the past. One of these time jumps occurs during the mission called The Birthday Gift. During this mission Joel and Ellie travel through the Wyoming Museum. During this mission you can unlock a special trophy that is called Looks Good on You. To unlock this trophy you need to get Joel to wear a hat. To do this successfully use our Looks Good On You Trophy Guide.

Where to Get the Hat for Joel

Image showing where to get the Hat for Joel in the Wyoming Museum.

Before you can force Joel to wear a hat you first need to acquire one. To get a hat enter the Wyoming Museum and turn to the right. On a rack you should see a hat sitting there. Approach the hat and interact with it to take it off the rack. Once the hat is off the rack Ellie will ask Joel to wear it, he declines.

How to Make Joel Wear the Hat

Once Ellie has the hat on head into the Giants of the Past exhibit. Inside the exhibit approach the Triceratops skeleton and interact with its head. When done correctly Ellie will place the hat on the skeleton. After this interaction take the hat back and head over to the Dimetrodon skeleton at the base of the spiral staircase. Place the hat on this skeletons to have Joel ask if this is going to be a thing.

Take the hat back from the skeleton and approach Joel. Speak to Joel to give him the hat. Joel will put the hat on his head and you will get the Looks Good on You Trophy. Simple enough.

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  1. Vladimir Martynov says:

    The dinosaur skeleton at the “base of the spiral staircase” is not a dimetrodon skeleton, it’s an ankylosaurus skeleton. I was so into dinosaurs as a kid and so I’m 100% certain it’s an ankylosaurus dinosaur skeleton.

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