The Last of Us 2: So Great and Small Trophy Guide – Where to Find the Engraved Ring

In The Last of Us Part II there are a number of trophies players can unlock that rewards them for exploration. One of these trophies is called So Great and Small. To unlock this trophy players need to find the Engraved ring. So where is this ring and how do you find it? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions you come to the right place. Use our So Great and Small trophy guide below to learn where to find the Engraved Ring.

Enter the Vault at the Westlake Bank in Downtown Seattle

Image showing where to find the bank in the Downtown Seattle area of The Last of Us Part II.

To find the Engraved Ring you will need to advance the story until the section called Seattle Day 1 – Downtown. During this gameplay section Ellie and Dina are free to roam Seattle where they can explore a number of interesting landmarks. One of the landmarks in this area is the Westlake Bank. It can be found at the corner of Cherry St and 6th Ave.

Once you are at this location make your way through the rubble on the east side of the building so you can enter the bank lobby. Inside the bank lobby there are a number of enemies. Take them out then head to the southwest corner of the lobby to reach the Safety Deposit Lockers. Head inside this room and interact with the bag next to the corpse on the floor to get the Bank Heist Plans. On this document is the vault code 602306. Open the vault with this code.

Image showing the Engraved Ring in The Last of Us Part II.

Inside the vault there are a number of items for you to collect if you are so inclined. You can grab the pump shotgun off the corpse on the floor or get the Bank Robber Letter next to the duffel bag full of cash on the table. To get the Engraved Ring we need to open the safety deposit box in the back right corner of the vault next to a pallet of cash. Once this box is open you will receive the Engraved Ring and the So Great and Small trophy will pop for you.

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