The Last of Us 2: Put My Name Up Trophy Guide

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During the course of your playthrough in The Last of Us 2 you will encounter a number of mini-games you can take part in. These mini-games can be completed to unlock different trophies. One archery mini-game can be found during the Winter Visit chapter. To help you complete this trophy follow our Put My Name Up trophy guide below.

Where to Complete the Put My Name Up Trophy

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To complete the Put My Name Up trophy in TLOU2 you need to advance the main story until you reach the Winter Visit level. This level comes after the Hostile Territory level in the Abby story branch. Once you have access to this level start it and look on the wall next to the pile of targets for a bow. Interact with the bow to start the archery mini-game.

How to Complete the Archery Mini-Game

When you pick up the bow during the Winter Visit level you trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene you will need to hit as many targets as possible within the time limit. You are free to move around the area, so get as close to each target as possible to make your life easier. Remember that the bow must be charged up to shoot a further distance. The score you need to beat is 10 targets hit so be sure you nail at least 10 to get the trophy. If you are having issues with this turn on Auto-Aim (Options > Controls > Assistance > Lock-On Aim = ON / Lock-On Strength = 10).

If you fail to get all the targets you can simply quit to the main menu and replay the level through chapter select. At this point in time you should be fairly comfortable with using a bow, so it shouldn’t be to much of a challenge. Good luck.

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