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In the The Last of Us Part II there are safes out in the world you can find and open. These safes contain various upgrades and other bonuses that can help you during your playthrough. Since the rewards of opening safes are rather beneficial you will want to open them as you find them. If want to open them, but don’t want to put in any of the work associated with actually finding the combinations we’ve got your covered with our all safe combinations guide for The Last of Us Part II.

Every Safe Combination in TLOU2

You will find safes throughout the various sub-chapters in TLOU2. These safes are manual combination locks which means you will need to enter three sets of two-digit numbers in order to open them. Inside safes you will find a variety of items include new weapons, holsters, and resources. If you open all the safes listed below you will unlock the Safecracker trophy.

Chapter 1: Jackson Safe Codes

Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 Safe Codes

Chapter 3: Seattle Day 1 Safe Codes

Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 Safe Codes

  • The Flooded City:
    • Closed Gate Safe combo: 70-12-64.

Chapter 6: Seattle Day 1 Safe Codes

  • On Foot: 
    • Soda Plant Safe combo: 17-38-07.
  • Hostile Territory: 
    • Jasmine Bakery Safe combo: 68-96-89.
  • The Coast:
    • Ferry Safe combo: 90-77-01.

Chapter 7 Safe Codes

  • The Shortcut: 
    • Apartment Safe combo: 30-23-04.
  • The Descent: 
    • Gym Closet Safe combo: 12-18-79.

That’s all you need to know to open all of the locked safes you may encounter during your playthrough of The Last of Us Part II. If you are trophy hunting you will want to take the time to open every safe you come across. Even if you aren’t trophy hunting there are a number of benefits to opening safes like new weapons, holsters, and resources.

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