How to Open The Capitol Hill Safe in The Last of Us 2

Near the end of the level Capitol Hill level in The Last of Us Part II you will reach a thrift store called Wellwisher’s. In the back room of this thrift store there is a safe you can open if you find the right combination. To help you open this safe use our our how to open the Capitol Hill safe guide below.

Where to Find the Wellwisher’s Safe

Image showing the Wellwisher's Thrift Store in The Last of Us Part II.
Image showing the Wellwisher's Safe.

The Wellwisher’s thrift store can be found directly behind the Martial Arts Center. When you enter the thrift store make your way to the back right corner to find a white door leading to the back room area. Inside the room with the vending machine take a left and open the door there to access the room with the safe.

To open the Wellwisher’s safe you need to find the combination within the store. To do this you can grab the Thrift Store Reminder note from off the corkboard next to the vending machine. With this note in hand head into the bathroom and look for writing on the wall that says “For a good time call Staci (206) 555 – 0133.” Compare the numbers on the note to the numbers on the wall to get the combination 55 01 33. Input this combination to open the safe and get at the loot.

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