How to Open the West Gate Safe in The Last of Us 2 Downtown Seattle

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When you finally arrive in Seattle in The Last of Us Part II you will be tasked with traversing the large Downtown area for loot, lore, and a safe. These items all help you in your journey and should be sought out to make your playthrough much easier. One way of getting some immediate help is opening the safe in the West Gate area of Downtown Seattle. To help you open this safe use our how to open the West Gate safe guide below.

Where to find the West Gate Safe

Image showing the location of the West Gate Safe in The Last of Us Part II.

As the name of this safe suggests you will find it on the west side of the Downtown Seattle area. The exact location is the west side of Madison St to the north of the workbench. When you go to the location marked on the map above you will find slightly open gate. Shimmy between the gates and turn to your right to find the safe.

What is the West Gate Safe Combination

Image showing the West Gate Safe in the Downtown Seattle area of The Last of Us Part II.

To open the West Gate Safe you need to know a specific combination. This combination is 0451. The combination for this safe comes from the collectible note titled Checkpoint Gate Codes that can be found during The Gate mission. When the combination is successfully inputted the safe will open and you will receive the following:

  • Flo Trading Card.
  • Health Kit.
  • Shotgun Ammo.

Opening this safe is an easy way to get some supplies while you are exploring the Downtown Seattle area as Ellie. This is just one of many safes you can open in the game. Keep it locked to HTR as we open more of them.

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