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Once you’ve played The Birthday Gift you will return to the present day where Ellie has fallen asleep in the theatre. Leave the theatre with Dina by going up to the Projector Room. Once you’ve left the theatre you will head to a new area called Hillcrest. This area is semi-open and has a number of collectibles for players to discover. To get all the collectibles in this mission use our The Last of Us Part 2 Hillcrest collectibles guide.

Hillcrest Collectibles List (19 Total)

  • Artifacts: 10.
  • Trading Cards: 5.
  • Journal Entries: 1.
  • Workbenches: 2.
  • Safes: 1.

Wachumero Trading Card Location

When you gain control of Ellie in front of the Hillcrest sign you want to immediately turn around and drop down into the hole behind. Melee the pickup truck’s passenger window to get the Wachumero Trading Card (1/5).

Join WLF Note Location

Image showing the Join WLF Note Location.

Exit the hole and walk forward into the town. Take a left down the alley between the Natural Remedies and Laundromat stores. Hang a right at the end of the alley to access the Laundromat back office. On the desk in this office is the Join WLF Note (1/10).

Boris’ Daughter’s Drawing & Workbench Locations

Image showing the Boris’ Daughter’s Drawing Artifact & Workbench Locations.

Go back to the main street and head across the street into the Rosemont store (one with the van in front of it). Head to the back right corner of the store where there is a counter. Go behind the counter and drop down to the basement via the hole in the wall there. The Workbench (1/2) can be found in the basement along with the Boris’ Daughter’s Drawing (2/10) next to the green cot.

Journal Entry & Yolanda’s Note Locations

Image showing the WLF Journal Entry & Yolanda’s Note Locations.

Leave the store and head to the right down the street until you have to climb the over-turned truck. Climb the truck then head towards the Ruston Coffee shop. Inspect the blue tarp to get the Journal Entry (1/1). Go inside the store to the left of the top and grab Yolanda’s Note (3/10) off the counter.

Need a Plan Note Artifact & Sahir the Sorcerer Trading Card Locations

Image showing the Need a Plan Note Artifact & Sahir the Sorcerer Trading Card Locations.

Head out the front of the shop you got Yolanda’s Note from and take a right past the brown truck. Follow the foliage path until you reach a hole that is underneath the Caroline Paper Co. Climb the dumpster and smash the front window of Caroline’s shop. Climb through the window and grab the Need a Plan Note (4/10) off the table. Grab the Sahir the Sorcerer Trading Card (2/5) from the open box in the back right corner of the shop.

Workbench, Naledi the Youthful Trading Card, and Condolence Note Locations

Image showing the Workbench, Naledi the Youthful Trading Card, and Condolences Note Locations.

Go back to the coffee shop and head through it. Climb the chainlink fence then go up the ladder on the red brick building. Jump down the hole in the ceiling to trigger a cutscene. Avoid or deal with the enemies and leave the building. Head left down the street and enter the red double doors at the end.

Head forward and climb the metal staircase. Follow the path until you reach a locked dumpster area. Open the gate to get the dumpster to roll free. Move the dumpster next to the closed garage and use it to climb to the garage’s roof. Drop down and go through the hole in the wall to reach the Workbench (2/2). In the same room as the Workbench look for an old bike. On the bike is the Naledi the Youthful Trading Card (3/5). To the right of the bike is a room. Go inside this room to get the Condolence Note (5/10) off the desk.

Note in Hillcrest Tattoo Parlor Location

Image showing the Note in Hillcrest Tattoo Parlor Location.

Leave the bike shop and head to the left to reach the tattoo parlor next door. Go into the backroom of the tattoo parlor to find the Note in Hillcrest Tattoo Parlor (6/10) on a bench there.

Turn in Boris & Dale’s Combo Locations

Image showing the Turn in Boris & Dale's Combo Locations.

From the tattoo parlor head across the street to the dog grooming shop. Enter the shop and smash the window in the back so you can reach the grooming section. In this section look for the Turn in Boris (7/10) note on a cart. Once you have the Turn in Boris note go through the hole in the wall that leads to the tavern. Clear the enemies in the tavern and head to the kitchen to grab Dale’s Combo (8/10) off the wall as you enter.

Hillcrest Safe Location

Image showing teh Hillcrest Safe Location.

The Hillcrest Safe can be found in the auto shop behind the Tattoo Parlor. To get inside the auto shop move the dumpster away from the green door. When you open the door be prepared for a number of infected to be in the shop. To open the Hillcrest safe (1/1) you need to input the combination 30-82-65. This combination comes from the Dale’s Combo collectible note we found earlier.

Brainstorm Trading Card, Boris Confession, and Rosemont’s Flyer Location

Image showing the Brainstorm Trading Card Location.

Go to the stairs by going through the tavern’s kitchen doors. Head up the stairs and reach the top of them to see an explosion. Head towards the explosion and climb over the wooden fence into the backyard of a white house. In this backyard you will see a yellow play house on the backside of this play house is the Brainstorm Trading Card (4/5).

Head into the house after you have the card. As you enter you can look to the right for a table next to a couch. On this table next to the remote is the Boris’ Confession (9/10) note. Grab the note and head into the the kitchen to get the Rosemont’s Flyer (10/10) on a table there.

Reverb Trading Card Location

Image showing the Reverb Trading Card Location.

Head through the kitchen and enter the garage. When you enter the garage you will encounter Boris. Defeat Boris and grab the Bow. Open the garage door. Head through the mannequin area and climb the fence. Defeat or avoid the enemies here and walk down the street until you see an orange house on your right. Go upstairs and into this orange house. Head through the rooms until you reach a bedroom with a hole in the wall. Shimmy through this hole and then go prone under the tall bed to get the Reverb Trading Card (5/5).

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