The Last of Us 2: Finding Strings Collectibles Guide

Having made it out of Hillcrest alive things slow down a bit with the next mission in The Last of Us Part II. This mission called Finding Strings tasks players with hunting with Tommy. The Finding Strings mission is relatively short so that means there are only a few collectibles to find. To help you get these few collectibles use our The Last of Us Part II Finding Strings Collectibles Guide below.

Finding Strings Collectibles List (3 Total)

  • Artifacts: 1.
  • Trading Cards: 1.
  • Journal Entries: 1.

Journal Entry Location

Image showing the Journal Entry Location.

Before following Tommy down the path at the start of the level look to the right for a cliff. On this cliff there is a marker for a Journal Entry (1/1). Interact with it.

Austringer Trading Card Location

Image showing the Austringer Trading Card location.

Complete the shooting patrol with Tommy then head down the mountain to meet Joel. After the cutscene you will need to head down to a music store to get some new strings for your guitar. Ride down the mountain to the town then dismount. Jump over the trailer and go into the hole with the car in it. Grab the Austringer Trading Card (1/1) from the car’s back seat.

Copperstone Inn Note Location

Image showing the Copperstone Inn Note Location.

Since you can’t take the direct route to the music store you need to cut through the hotel. After Joel moves the soda machine you will put on your mask. Follow Joel until you encounter room 107. Go inside the room and grab the Copperstone Inn Note (1/1) off the TV stand.

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