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The Frontier portion of Carrion serves as the game’s sort of hub world. In this section of the game you will find the entrances to the various levels you must complete to beat the game. Since you return to the Frontier often it is wise to have this page open as you will need to consult it a number of times throughout your playthrough. With that said check out our Carrion Frontier guide below.

Where to Go After BSL-4 Research Ward

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The first level you will complete in Carrion is the tutorial level called BSL-4 Research Ward. After this level you will arrive in the Frontier. You will need to navigate the Frontier to reach the entrance to the next location called Military Junkyard. To reach this location from the entrance to BSL-4 Research Ward head to the right and go up the wall with ladders and down the next section to reach a pipe going down. Go through the pipe.

In the next room move the cages out of the way and head to the left. Here you will see a glowing symbol on a fan. This path is blocked by wood that can’t be destroyed until we have a specific ability. This is a Containment Unit room which is optional to access later so keep that in mind. Ignore it for now and instead move the cage out of the way of the path in the ceiling above. Head left to reach the next room.

In this room head to the left until you see a switch on the left side of the room. Pull the switch to open the door below. Go through the open path into the room below. You will land in some water next to a pipe. Go to the left in this room then head down to the room below. Inside this mine room head to the left and pull the object out of your way so you can reach the next room. Follow the path until you reach a room that seems like a dead end. On the right side of this room there is a pipe you can squeeze through. Go into this pipe to reach the Military Junkyard.

Where to go after Military Junkyard

Once you’ve cleared the Military Junkyard level you will be in a new section of the Frontier. From this level entrance head to the left and go down the into the room below (only way you can go for now). Inside this room ‘Squeeze into’ the structure in the middle of the room to trigger a human level section.

Flashback Sequence 1

As soon as you have control as the human walk to the left and go down the ladders there into the ruins. Climb down the ladders in this room so you reach the platform on the bottom. Run to the left on this platform and interact with the crate blocking the door mechanism. This will open the door on the platform above. Head back to that platform and go to the left through the now open door. Climb down the ladder to the ground and walk over to the left wall. Interact with the wall and plant C4 on it. Wait for your NPC companion to place the detonator. Use the detonator to blow the wall. Run left through the hole it opens to end this sequence.

Image showing the pipe leading to the Uranium Mines in Carrion.

Once you complete the first human level a door in the top right of the room will open. Go through this now open hallway to reach a gate next to the pipe we went through to reach the Military Junkyard. Open the gate using the switch above you then head down and right to reach a room with a switch in it. Position yourself above the switch and use your Arachnoptysis ability to activate it. Go through the door it opens to reach the pipe leading to the Uranium Mines.

Where to Go After Uranium Mines

Once you exit the Uranium Mines you will be at the level’s entrance. From here you need to head to the Military Junkyard as we can now open a new portion of the level to reach the Hazardous Waste Landfill level. To make your way back to the previous level smash the wood to your left then complete the next two rooms that are filled with enemies. Once through these two room you will emerge by the wood wall next to the Military Junkyard entrance. Smash the wall then go back into the level to reach a sub-level called Hazardous Waste Landfill.

Where to Go After Hazardous Waste Landfill

Image showing where to go after Hazardous Waste Landfill in Carrion.

Upon exiting the Hazardous Waste Landfill you will emerge from the Military Junkyard in a new section of the Frontier. To navigate this new section head up into the room above. Continue through the next rooms by always heading up until you reach a room with foliage and a laser in it.

The room with the lasers is currently inaccessible since we don’t have the right ability so go through the lasers to the exit in the top left corner of the room. Move the cage and go through the pipe there to reach a new room. Drop inside this room to trigger a fight with a drone which is similar to fighting the shielded enemies. Defeat the drone then drop down the open door to the human level 2 entrance below.

Flash Back Sequence 2

Image showing the main puzzle of Carrion Human Level 2.

When you have control of the human walk to the left into the next room. Use the ladders in this room to reach the bottom left corner exit. Go through this exit into the next room. Walk through this room with the two large shafts to reach another room with a locked gate in your path. Climb down the ladder to the platform below to find the level is missing. Drop down the ledge on the left to the platform below. Head to the right into the next room and climb the two ladders up.

Go down the next ladder leading down and drop down the broken platforms into the room below. Drop off the platform to the ground and grab the Lever. Climb the ladders up to the previous room and pull the cage out of the way. Take the ladder up then head to the left into the room that needs the lever. Climb down the ladder and place the lever in the slot. Use it then walk across the gate it creates to reach the chain on the left. Pull the chain to open the gate above. Head through this gate to reach a sample in the next room. Collect it to complete this human level.

Image showing the pipe entrance to the Botanical Gardens in Carrion.

Once you’ve completed this human level a gate in the bottom left corner of the room will open. Go down through the water to reach this gate. Go through the open gate into the next room. Deposit biomass in the pool if needed then continue to the left into the next room. Go up the path on the roof and use your Cobweb to open the gate. Go through the open gate and consume the enemies in this room and the two red light rooms so you can go up a size. Once up a size hit the wood wall and go through the pipe into the Botanical Gardens.

Where to Go After Botanical Gardens

Image showing where to go after the Botanical Gardens in Carrion.

You will emerge from the Botanical Gardens level in relatively the same spot you entered them. Head back to the drone room by taking the pipe up and right. Once back in this room take the pipe to the right so we are back in the Frontier room that has the two lasers in it. Since we have invisibility now we can head up to the switch above to turn on the lasers. Once the lasers are on use invisibility to sneak past them to the pipe in the center of the room that leads to the next level Leviathan Reef Base.

Where to Go After the Leviathan Reef Base

Image showing where to go after the Leviathan Reef Base in Carrion.

Outside of the Leviathan Reef Base use the switch to the left to open the closed gate. Go through the gate and use the pipe there to reach the Frontier section that has some water in it. Swim to the left and go through the squares blocking the path on the left wall. Continue swimming left through the next room to reach a pipe leading up. Go up the pipe and hit the switch to open the gate to the right. Head right and go up to reach the next room. Break the wooden barrier blocking your path and avoid the auto machine gun by going down the the small crevice underneath the floor. Follow this crevice to the left to reach a pipe heading to the Relith Science HQ.

Where to Go After the Relith Science HQ

Image showing where to go after the Relith Science HQ in Carrion.

When you exit the Relith Science HQ head to the left of the exit and interact with the switch there. Using this switch causes the water level to raise in the room below you. Once the water level is raised head down where the water was stored to find a pipe heading down. Go down this pipe to come out in the water directly across from the now accessible entrance on the right wall. Swim through this entrance to return to the Leviathan Reef Base level where we will be accessing the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge.

Where to go after the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge

Outside of the exit to the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge head to the right into the next room. Head down this hallway into the next room where there is the third and final human level for players to complete before the game’s end.

Flashback Sequence 3

Image showing the cell to enter during the human level of Carrion.

Take control of the human character and head to the right to the ladder. Go up the ladder into the next room. Inside this next room you will find a number of locked cells on the right side. Ignore them for now and use the ladders to reach the top right exit. Go up the exit and climb the ladder to reach the next room. Interact with the lever to your left to open the two gates and trigger the drone in the middle of the room. Head to the left and climb up the ladder to reach a cell key. Grab the key and return to the lever. Pull the lever and head back down the ladder to the cell room below. Open the cell in the bottom right then enter and grab the stun gun off the body there.

Return to the room above and use the lever again. Head to the right this time and use the stun gun to destroy the drone. Once the drone is destroyed the door heading to the right will open. Go through the door into the next room and unchain the two drones hanging (go up to them and interact) in this room to open the door on the right. Leave through this door and head to the right until you reach a helicopter with guards by it. Wait by this helicopter until you are killed by the guards. This ends the human level.

Image showing Where to go after the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge.

Once you are done with this level you will head to the top right of this room and head through the exit there to reach the next room. Continue up through this room into the next room until you reach a room with the pipe entrance in it that leads to the Nuclear Power Plant.

Where to go After the Nuclear Power Plant

image showing where to go after the Nuclear Power Plant in Carrion.

Through the exit of the Nuclear Power Plant head to the left and pull the cork there. Head through the pipe there and head into the room on the left. Go down the path to the bottom right corner of the room to enter the room you completed the final human level in. Head back to the top right corner and go into the next room there. Pull the cork there to reach the pipe leading to the Armored Warfare Facility.

Where to go After the Armored Warfare Facility

Image showing where to go after the Armored Warfare Facility in Carrion.

From the exit of the Armored Warfare Facility head to up the path blocked by the grate in the right side of the ceiling. Go through the path to the right to reach a new room. Fill up on energy then pull the wood block out of your path to the right. Follow the path down to the room below. Here you will need to move the crate then take the explosive to the blockage to the right. Use Keratosis to avoid getting blow up then head into the pipe to reach the Bunker.

Where to Go After the Bunker

When you complete the final level in Carrion you will be put back into the Frontier. Here you may be wondering where to go after this level. You will want to head back to the first level of the game called BSL-4 Research Ward. In this level there is a section you can access that will take you to the game’s ending. Read more about it in our Carrion ending guide.

This guide is part of a larger Carrion guide and walkthrough you should check out. In it there are a number of resources to help you beat the game and complete the various achievements inside it.

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