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Upon completion of the Hazardous Waste Landfill sub-level in the Military Junkyard you will reach a new section of the Frontier in Carrion. In this section you will complete another human level. After this human level you will reach a pipe leading to a new level called Botanical Gardens. To complete this level use our Botanical Gardens guide below.

Botanical Gardens Guide

The Botanical Gardens is a bit more open than previous levels up to this point so you may be a bit confused as to where you need to go first. To complete this level you need to create three hives and collect an ability hidden in this location. Each location is highlighted below in the sequence you should complete them.

Botanical Gardens Hive 1

Image showing how to complete the first room in the Botanical Gardens level of Carrion.

From the entrance pipe head to the right on the main level until you reach a corridor with a laser. Go through the laser and up the pipe there. At the top of the pipe head to the left and pull the level there. Once you’ve done this head to the right and enter the door there. Pull the switch in this room to reset the laser. Leave the room and head out the pipe on the left. Head up a level and make your way to the left-corner of the room where the gate is now open.

Image showing the location of the first hive in the Botanical Gardens level of Carrion.

Clear the enemies in the next two rooms while you head down them. At the bottom of the second room pull the lever in the left-corner of the room to open the gate in the bottom right. Go down the now opened gate into the next room to find the first hive in the bottom. Interact with the hive then head through the path on the right to reach another new room.

Botanical Gardens Hive 2

In the room to the right of the first Botanical Gardens Hive you will encounter a new type of enemy which is the flamethrower wielding shield soldiers. These enemies have the ability to light you on fire which can only be put out by dosing yourself in water. Besides attack difference they are similar to standard shield bros in how you should take them out. Clear the room then smash the wood heading up (eat the humans if you need to regrow). Go through the now open path to the room above.

Image showing where to go to reach the second hive in the Botanical Gardens.

Head up the left-side of this room to reach a switch you can pull. Pull this switch to open two gates, one near you and another in the upper corner of the entrance/pipe room. Head up the now open path to trigger a combat sequence with three drones. Defeat the drones to gain access to the upper corner of the room. Go through the door there to reach a new portion of the level.

In this next room you need to defeat two flamethrower enemies. If needed there is a water pool in the right corner of the room. Once defeated you can smash the wood on the path to the left to access it. If you don’t have the mass you can return to the previous room and interact with the entrance pipe to get back to medium size. Go up the path to reach a switch. Pull the switch then access the second hive.

Ability: Photokinesis

From the second hive head to the top right path past the laser into the next room. Take out the shield enemies in this room then continue heading to the right. About 3/4 of the way you will see a spot where you can drop down. Drop down and use your cobweb ability (dump biomass if needed in the pool in this room) to shoot the lever to the right. This will close one gate and open another which allows you to continue to the right into the next room. Drop down to the container in this room to get the ability called Photokinesis which turns you invisible at the cost of energy. Energy can be acquired by attaching to the power generators you find on walls.

Botanical Gardens Hive 3

From the ability canister head to the left and pull the lever there. Once pulled the door above you will open. Fill up on energy if needed then use your invisibility to avoid the laser. Head to the left and go out the entrance into the previous room. Go down to the lever and push it the other way to reverse the gates. Go through the pipe leading to the left then head to the bottom left corner of the room. Go through the entrance there to reach another pull-able lever. Pull it then go right into the previous room. Head up and take the left corner exit.

Image showing the location of the third hive in the Botanical Gardens in Carrion.

Use invisibility to dodge the laser in this room to the left then down below to the right. If done successfully you will avoid trigger the laser door and will be able to access to the third and final hive in the Botanical Gardens. Interact with the hive to create a new path that avoids the lasers. Don’t bother with this path instead head down the path to the right.

Complete the combat sequence in the next room and dump some biomass so you are the small monster. Once you’ve done this go down the pipe in the bottom left corner to return to the location above the exit. If needed go into the door here to turn on/off the lasers so you can reach the exit and refill on energy. When you are ready head down to the laser and use your invisibility to avoid it to reach the level exit. Pull the switch to the right to turn off the laser for good then go through the exit to return to the Frontier.

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