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The Nuclear Power Plant is the next level you need to complete after the Leviathan Reef Base – Bridge. This location can be accessed after you complete the third and final human level in Carrion. Once this final human level is complete you will be able to access the hole that leads to the Nuclear Power Plant. To help you complete this Nuclear Power Plant level use our guide below.

Nuclear Power Plant Guide

To complete the Nuclear Power Plant level in Carrion you need to create a total of four hives to open the exit of the level. Alongside the the four hives you need to create you will also need to find a new ability in this level to help you reach the last two levels in the game.

Nuclear Power Plant Hive 1

From the start of the level head to the right into the room with the reactor. Continue heading right through this room to reach a room with enemies leading to the left and right entrances on the bottom floor. Head through the left entrance to reach a room with what looks like a blocking your path. Knock the cork out using your punch ability and continue heading to left and down. Make your way down this room and head about halfway down to another of these corks on the wall to the right. Knock this cork out then go down to the bio mass pool below to drop off some mass. Go through the hole you opened via the cork and head to the right into the next room.

Image showing the first Nuclear Power Plant Hive location.

Pull the switch above you and go down to the second section with the holes you can shoot your cobwebs through to the right. Hit the lever there to close the gate we opened and to have the bottom gate open. Go through the bottom gate and continue to the room below. Head to the right and go through the pipe here. Head to the right and go down the next pipe. After this pipe down go to the right and you will reach the first Nuclear Power Plant hive.

Nuclear Power Plant Hive 2

Head through the path the first hive makes so you reach the washroom area below. Clear the washroom and head to the left into the next room. Clear the enemies in this room and use the lever to the top left corner to open the gate in the ceiling. Head up through the open gate and take a right back into the pipe we went through to reach hive one.

Image showing how to reach the Nuclear Power Plant Hive 2 location in Carrion.

Instead of going through the pipe down pull the grate above your and head to the left so you break the wood blocking the path here and above where the wood is blocking the path to reach the lever on top. Once you’ve done this hit the cork like thing out to the left and head through there to reach the biomass pool to to drop some mass. Go back to the location were we can now shoot the top lever with your cobweb ability. This will open the gate on the floor above you. Go through that gate and head into the right room to reach the second hive in the pool of water there.

Nuclear Power Plant Hive 3

Head from the second hive and go into the pipe on the top right of the wall. Through this tunnel you will enter a water section. Swim through this section to the bottom right pipe leading to the next room. Go through the pipe leading up and clear this room of flamethrower enemies. After the flamethrower enemies are gone use the lever on the platform to open the gate in the bottom right corner of the room.

Image showing the Nuclear Power Plant Hive puzzle solution.

Go through this water section until you reach the large 0 looking section with pipes leading to in both directions. Head through the pipes into the next water filled section and go through the pipe heading to the left. Defeat the guard here and lower the body down so you can use it later. Head to the left if needed and drop some biomass in the next room. Return to the previous room and shoot the switch below where you put the body of the soldier.

Image showing the Nuclear Power Plant Hive location.

Once you’ve done this head back to the water 0 and go down the bottom left pipe into the dry section. Walk left here and use your mind control on the body to have it to reach the switch to the left. Use the switch to lower the water level. This will open a gate to the right of the 0. Head back and go through the now dry section to the right. Go through the grate on the right wall and head up into the next room. to reach the third hive for the level.

Nuclear Power Plant Ability: Harpagorrhea

Image showing the Nuclear Power Plant Ability Harpagorrhea location in Carrion.

Leave the third hive and head to the left until you reach a room with a number of humans. Take out these humans then head up into the next room. Head to the left in this room to reach some enemies and a drone that will attack. Take them out then continue heading to the left through the room with the auto-turret and go down the pipe in the left corner of this room into the room below. Here you will find the Harpagorrhea ability. With this ability you can pull the cork looking objects out of there spots in the while when the flat side is facing you.

Nuclear Power Plant Hive 4

Image showing the fourth Nuclear Power Plant Hive in carrion.

Head to the right in once you have the ability and pull the cork out of the wall on the right. Head through the newly opened hole in the wall to reach the area above the biomass pool we used earlier. Pool the corks and knock the corks in this area so you can reach the pipe heading to the right. To do this change sizes using the pool below. Once you can use the pipe heading to the right take it and head up through the room here. Pull the cork in this room and go through the pipe to reach the far left side. Pull the cork on the left wall and head through the opening in the next room to reach the last hive of the level.

How to Exit Nuclear Power Plant

From the final hive pull the cork like thing out of the wall down below. Go down the path it opens to reach a room with two mechs inside it. Destroy both of the mechs using your new ability (makes quick work of them) then continue heading to the left to reach a room with both a nuclear reactor and core inside it. Use the switch in this room to reveal the core. Grab the core and put it into the reactor.

Image showing how to exit the Nuclear Power Plant in Carrion.

Once you’ve done this once head to the left and pass through the next few rooms to the left until you reach another room with a core in it. Pull the cork to reach the core then grab it and head up through the pipe here to reach the nuclear reactor next to the exit. Place the core in the reactor to open the exit. Go through the exit to return to the Frontier.

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