Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge – Carrion Guide and Walkthrough

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Like the Hazardous Waste Landfill the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge is a sub level you will need to complete in the Leviathan Reef Base. This sub level can be accessed after you clear the Relith Science HQ where you receive the Parasitism ability. With this ability you can control enemies which allows you to access a number of locations you couldn’t prior to having it. To help you complete this sub-level use our Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge guide below.

How to Get to the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge

Image showing where to go after the Relith Science HQ in Carrion.

Before you can actually play this level you need to first find it. To do head from the exit of the Relight Science HQ and make your way to the left. Interact with the switch above the water their to raise the water level in the room below you. Drop down into the area the water drained from and go through the pipe to reach the water level you just raised. Head right through the entrance across from you to reach the Leviathan Reef Base entrance. Go through the entrance.

Image showing How to Get to the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge in Carrion.

Inside the Leviathan Reef Base head through the pipe on the right to reach the water section. Go up in the water room and continue heading up until you reach the room shown above. Use Parasitism on the human inside the room to the right and then deactivate it to warp into the room. Go through the door here to reach the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge.

Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge Guide

From the entrance of deposit biomass into the pool below then head into the room on the right. Inside this room head to the switch above you and pull it. Go through the gate it opens then position yourself so you can shoot your cobweb at the lever from the left. This closes the gate you came through and opens the gate on your right. Go through the now opened gate into the next room.

Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge Ability: Acanthosis and Hive 1

Image showing how to complete the first puzzle in the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge in Carrion.

Take control of the enemy in this next room and walk them over to the switch. Trigger the switch to raise the water level in the room. Change back to the monster and swim to the right to the second switch. Use this switch to lower the water level and open the gate on the right. Follow the right path up to the lever. Pull the lever to open access to path in the roof in the middle room. Go down and take control of the enemy again. Raise the water level then swim the monster in and take the path up to reach a new room with the Acanthosis ability in it.

Image showing the only hive in the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge level of Carrion.

Go to the wood blocked access in the top left corner of the room to and destroy it. Head through this entrance into the room above. In this room above you will find the only hive in the Leviathan Reef Base-Bridge level. Trigger the hive then head to the area to the left. Defeat the enemies in this room and continue left. Clear the room with the shield enemies using your new ability to open the path down that leads back to the exit. Go through the exit to reach the Frontier yet again.

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