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The second last level you will play in Carrion is called the Armor Warfare Facility. This level is accessible after completing the nuclear Power Plant where you get the ability to pull corks out of walls. Once you have this ability you can access this level near the entry to the last human level in the game. Once inside this level use our Armored Warfare Facility guide to complete this section of the game.

Armored Warfare Facility Guide

The Armored Warfare Facility is the second last level players need to complete in Carrion. In this level players must create a total of six hives throughout the area. Alongside these hives players also need to get the ability hidden in this area to advance the story.

Armored Warfare Facility Hive 1

From the entrance head up through the room and clear the enemies so you can reach the elevator int he upper right corner of the room. Use the switch here to call the elevator and while it comes down go down the down the shaft to the right up to the area above. Head to the left of the elevator and enter to door there to reach a room with a switch inside it. Pull the switch and head back to the entrance of the level where a gate in the right middle of the room is now open. Go through this gate into the room on the right.

Image showing the Armored Warfare Hive location in Carrion.
Image showing the Armored Warfare Hive 1 location in Carrion.

Clear the washroom and head up the vent above the room. At the top of the room go to the right into the next room. This next room is huge with a number of different directions you can head. For now clear out the enemies on the various floors then enter the room on the first floor to find a room you can enter. Go inside this room and use the switch here to turn off the turret. Head back out then head to the right corner of the room to find a cork you can bash out (must be a medium monster). Go through the passage it was blocking into the next room to reach the first hive.

Armored Warfare Facility Hive 2

From the first hive head to the right into the next room. Inside this next room go through the pipe heading to left to reach a pool where you can drop biomass. Drop mass then head through the pipe back into the previous room. About halfway to the right of the room there is a spot you can shoot your cobweb down to the switch below. This opens a door to the right. Go through the open gate to the right to reach a room with some drones and mechs in it. The drones will appear in the middle of the room while the mechs are stationary and wont damage you. Defeat the drones that appear to open the door in the ceiling above go through the open door to reach the room above.

Image showing the location of the Armored Warfare Facility Hive 2.

In this room head to the left and use your ability to take control of the person in the room below. Walk to the left and use the switch there. When the switch is used the door to the left will open. Go into the the next room as the person and get inside the mech there. Use the mech to destroy the enemies and other mech in this room. Once the room is cleared teletport to the body and head to the left into the next room to reach the second hive of the area.

Armored Warfare Facility Hive 3

Head left from the second hive to reach along the path to reach a pool you can drop some biomass into. Drop biomass so you are the medium sized monster. Continue heading to the left then go up to the room above. Pop the cork and head to the left to reach the exit in the left side of the room. Go down the exit and head to the right to reach a switch you can pull. Pull the switch then head down the path the gates open on to reach the room below.

Image showing the Armored Warfare Facility Hive 3 location in Carrion.

Inside this room make your way over to the switch on the right wall and pull it to open a gate back in the large room below. Head further down this room to reach another switch next to the elevator. Pull the switch to send the elevator down into the room below. Follow the elevator down through the large room until you reach a new room below. Go through the vent to the left of the elevator then send the elevator back up with the switch. Head to the left into the water to reach the third hive.

Armored Warfare Facility Hive 4

Image showing the Armored Warfare Facility Hive 4 location in Carrion.

Swim up through the squares to reach the area above the third hive. Head quickly to the right to reach get past the auto-turret. Head up to and then head quickly to the left to get past the auto turret there. Go through the lower left exit into the next room. Inside the room with three mechs go up into the next room to reach the fourth hive in the level. When this hive is used a new path will appear.

Armored Warfare Ability: Keratosis

Image showing the Armored Warfare Ability Keratosis location.

The final ability you will unlock in Carrion the Keratosis ability. To get this ability head through the new path that is created when you interact with the fourth hive. In this new path there is a door you can enter that leads to a room with the ability inside it. Take the ability then leave and head back to the room with the three mechs in it.

Armored Warfare Facility Hive 5

To the left of the mechs there is an explosive device that will shoot and hook into you when you pass under it. To get passed this section go to the left and let the explosive attach to you. Continue left so you are out from under the explosive generating device and trigger Keratosis so your skin hardens. While you are hardened head up to the wood blocking the path and use the explosion to destroy it. Head through the path to the left to the next room.

Image showing the Armored Warfare Facility Hive 5 location in Carrion.

In the next room defeat the two mechs to unlock the door above. Head up the next path up into the room with the explosive device. Use Keratosis to bring the explosive to the object blocking the top path. Go through the now open path to reach a room above. Inside this room in the top left corner is the fifth hive.

Armored Warfare Facility Hive 6

Leave the fifth hive room via the door in the top right. You will return to the start of the level. Head up and go through the elevator section like we did earlier. Go into the room here to get some energy if you need it. Once you are full on energy leave the room and go into the water below. Head to the left to trigger the explosive. Use Keratosis to avoid getting killed by the explosives and head into the room to the left to reach a biomass pool and a switch that turns off the explosive. Once you’ve dumped biomass head out of this room and continue left up the shaft next to the elevator to reach the room above.

Image showing the Armored Warfare Facility Hive 6 location in Carrion.

Knock the cork looking thing to head into the shaft above. Take control of the nearby guard and get into the mech nearby to clear out the enemies nearby. Once you’ve cleared this section head back down to the room below and drop some biomass. Once you are the small monster you can head back up and go to the right. Use invisibility to avoid the laser then make your way through the room to reach the switch in the upper section. Pull the switch to open the door in the top right corner. Go through this corner to reach the next room to find the final hive of the level.

How to Exit the Armored Warfare Facility

Now that we’ve created all the hives in the Armored Warfare Facility it is time to escape the level. To do this head to the right of hive six and use the switch there to open the gate below. Go through the gate into the next room and follow the path through the enemies to the path below. This path leads to a new room. Inside this room take out the drone and consume the enemies to grow to the large monster.

Image showing how to exit the Armored Warfare Facility in Carrion.

Take the explosive that spawns in this room and head down to the blocked path below. Use Keratosis to avoid being killed while the object in the path is destroyed. Once you’ve done this head up to the energy provider on the right of the room and regain energy. Take another explosive and head down through the cleared path to the room below. Stay next to the blocked entrance to the exit of the level and use Keratosis to avoid being killed by the blast. Head through the now open path to the level exit. Use it to head back to Frontier.

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