How to Beat Carrion

Once you complete the Bunker in Carrion you enter the Frontier. At this point you may be wondering how to finish since it isn’t exactly clear. To help you complete Carrion we’ve put together this quick and dirty how to beat Carrion guide. In it you will learn where to go after completing the Bunker mission to reach the end of the game.

Where to Go after the Bunker in Carrion

Upon completion of the Bunker mission in Carrion you will emerge in the Frontier. From the Bunker entrance head to the left then go down. Complete the minor abilities puzzle in the next room and go through the door at the bottom of the ladder if you wish to see your level completion. If you don’t wish to see that head to the right so you reach the entrance to BSL-4 Research Ward.

BSL-4 Research Ward Revisited

Image showing where to go in BSL-4 Research Ward to complete Carrion.

Enter the BSL-4 Research Ward level and break the window to the left using your Harpagorrhea. Climb up to the now accessible ledge and go through the pipe heading to the left. Follow the linear path until you reach the Anomalous Materials Vault.

Reaching the Surface

Image showing how to reach the surface in Carrion.

Head through Anomalous Materials Vault until you reach the room with the DNA container in the center of it. Use the pipe in the bottom right corner of the room to reach the DNA. Consume the DNA to receive Parasitism. Trigger Parasitism to turn into a person. Walk to the right and interact with the hand scanner to open the door. Follow the path to the right and interact with any switches and hand scanners in your path until you reach an elevator. Ride the elevator to the surface and then walk to the right to beat the game.

That’s all you need to know to beat Carrion. Getting to the credits was a bit convoluted as it doesn’t really point you in that direction. With that said if you follow the guides above you will easily beat the game.

If you need more help with Carrion check out our complete guide. In it you will find a number of resources including an achievements guide, abilities, and more. There is a also a complete walkthrough the game’s main story.

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