Uranium Mines – Carrion Guide and Walkthrough

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The third level you will playthorugh in Carrion is the Uranium Mines. This level is access through a pipe in the Frontier. To reach this level you need to acquire the cobweb ability from the Military Junkyard. Once you have this ability you can use it on a switch to open the door leading to the pipe. To navigate this level in Carrion use our Uranium Mines guide.

Uranium Mines Guide

Image showing the Uranium Mines entrance in Carrion.

Like the last level we completed you need to create three hives in the Uranium Mines to open the level’s exit. These three hives are located throughout the level and must be created if you wish to advance the main story. The locations of the three hives are highlighted below along with the area’s ability.

Uranium Mines Hive 1

Image showing the location of the Uranium Mines Hive 1.

From the entrance pipe head to the right and follow the linear path down until you reach the room pictured above. Head to through the left entrance in this room to reach the first hive. Interact with it to save and to unlock the first tick of the exit.

Uranium Mines Hive 2

Image showing the location of the second hive in Uranium Mines Carrion.

Leave the hive we activated above and head through the down right exit of the room shown above. Go through the large room with four enemies and head up the right ceiling exit. Note: The path with symbol you see flashing cannot be accessed yet as this is an optional section that requires multiple abilities to complete. Continue clearing the rooms as you head up until you reach the intersection shown above. Head to the right here to reach the second hive.

Uranium Mines Hive 3 and Ability

Image showing the location of the third hive and ability in Uranium Mines.

From the second hive head back to the into the previous room and go up through the entrance on the ceiling. In this next room you will see a switch on the left side of the room next to a closed gate. In the area that is closed in by the gate there is a new enemy type. These enemies cannot be eaten and have a shield that makes attacking them from the front difficult. To defeat these enemies you want to hit them from either the side or the top. Open the gate and wait in the corner underneath the switch for them to walk above you. Grab them and pull them to you below to easily complete this section.

Head to the left of these enemies to encounter the next ability we need to get. Shake the containment container and squeeze inside to get the Xiphorrhea ability which allows you to smash wooden walls and slash enemies. Head to the left of the ability container and interact with the final hive there to open the level’s exit.

To reach the level’s exit smash the wooden wall blocking the right path below. Smash the wood blocking your path in the next room to reach the exit. Head through the exit to return to the Frontier.

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