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The Relith Science HQ is one of the last few levels you will complete during your playthrough of Carrion. This level is accessible after you complete the Leviathan Reef Base in which you unlock the ability to turn into worms when inside water. This ability is useful for traversing a few sections inside the Frontier including one that leads to the Relith Science HQ pipe entrance. For help in completing this level use our Relith Science HQ guide below.

Relith Science HQ Guide

The Relith Science HQ is a rather large area that has four hives in it you must create before the exit will open. Like the other levels in this game there is an ability you will need to find in order to reach new areas. Both the hives and the ability are highlighted in the guide below. Follow the guide to easily complete this level in Carrion.

Relith Science HQ Hive 1

Image showing the solution to the first Relith HQ puzzle.

Go through the pipe heading to the right from the room which you entered the level. In the next room go down to the bottom of the room to find a section you can swim through, a switch, and wood. As the medium sized monster swim down and over to the block of wood. Hit the wood out of the way then swim back out. Go up to the biomass pool and leave some mass behind so you are small. Go back to the switch area and position the monster so you are above the switch. Use your cobweb to flip the switch which causes the water to fill the upper right section of the room. Retrieve your biomass and swim through the now filled section to reach this pipe heading to the right into the next room.

Image showing where to find the first hive in the Relith Science HQ level.

Clear out the large square room of enemies and go through the door in the bottom right corner that has the green exit sign next to it. Head down through the next room as we can’t do anything here yet. In the room with the exit make your way to the far right side to find a switch. Pull the switch to open two doors in the large square room from earlier. Head back to the square room and go in the right corner exit next to the vending machine. Inside this next room you will find the first hive in the bottom right corner.

Relith Science HQ Hive 2

Image showing the location of the second hive in the Relith Science HQ in Carrion.

Leave the washroom and head up the hallway there to reach a large office room with multiple floors. In this room make your way up through the different floors of this room killing enemies that get in your way. On the top floor head up to reach a pipe with some wood blocking the pipe. Destroy the wood and go through the pipe to reach the roof room of the building. Inside this room you will find the second hive for the level. When this hive is interacted with you will create a new path heading to the left.

Relith Science HQ Hive 3

Head through the path to the left and go through the pipe heading down. Go down past the laser and head to the left to reach another big pipe going up. Go through this pipe to return to the roof room. In the center of this room there are four fans. Go through this section up to reach a pool you can dump some biomass. Once you dump the mass leave through the pipe on the left to head back to the right and pull the switch on top of the ladder above the pipe heading to the right (this sets us up for something later). Once this is done energy up from the power source if needed then head through the pipe going to the right and go back down.

Image showing the location of the third Relith Science HQ Hive.

Make your way to the bottom of the shaft to reach a lever you can cobweb to your left. Do this then head back up. As you go up use invisibility to pass through the lasers. If done successfully you can access the room to the left. Defeat the enemies in this room then flip the switch on the right to deactivate the lasers. Go down the exit in the bottom left corner of the room. Go down to the third hive below and access it.

Relith Science HQ Hive 4

Image showing the fourth hive in the Relith Science HQ level of Carrion.

Head down below to reach a control room in the large square room. Pull both switches in this room to open the gates in the bottom of the room and the gate keeping the right mech in. Head down and fight the mech. Once the mech is defeated head to the top left corner of the large square room and go through the exit there into the next room. Inside this other bathroom room you will find the fourth and final hive. Once this hive is complete you will have opened the exit for the level. Before we can go there we need to complete the rest of the level which includes getting a new ability.

Relith Science HQ Ability Location

Leave the bathroom hive and head up into the room above. This room is exactly like the office room on the other side, but the enemies here are two drones. Take out both drones and continue up to the roof room through the pipe blocked by the wood. Once on the roof head up and to the right. Continue to the right until you reach the four fan room that has the biomass pool inside it. Use the biomass pool to drop some mass then head back to the left to the spot you can use your cobweb to hit the switch below. Hit the switch to open the gate below. Head through the path where the gate opened and head down.

Clear the room full of enemies then head down to reach the otherside of the third hive. Go to the switch on the left and pull it to open the gate heading lower. Save at the hive then head down into the square room. Like the other side there are two switches you can pull here. Pull both switches to open the last gate in the bottom of the room. Defeat the mech and head down the now open path into a new room.

Image showing the Relith Science HQ Ability Location in Carrion.

Take out the enemies in this room as you reach the bottom of this room. Pull the switch on the right to open the gate below. Go through this now open path to the right to the room with the Parasitism ability in it. Use the switch to reach the container then grab the ability. Use this ability to take control of the enemy above you. Have this enemy open the door using the switch. Hit the ability again to teleport to where the enemy was standing to escape the room.

How to Leave Relith Science HQ

Image showing how to exit the Relith Science HQ in Carrion.

Go back to the large square room with the mechs and go to the bottom right exit next to the green exit sign. Head into the next room we can now do something in since we have the Parasitism ability. Head to the spot above the room where the shield guard is patrolling with the auto-turret. Take control of the shield enemy and walk to the right. Shoot the enemy there and use the switch at the top of the ladder to open the door and turn off the turret. Deactivate Parasitism and head through the now cleared path below you. Go down into the next room to be above the exit. Use Parasitism on the enemies in this room to clear the room and open the gate on the left. Head down via the crate in you path on the right and squeeze through the entrance to return to the Frontier.

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