Pokemon Legends Arceus Arezu’s Predicament Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Arezu’s Predicament is the 8th main story mission players must complete. This mission begins the day after you complete The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods. When you head outside your quarters you meet Arezu. This meeting kicks of the main story quest. To learn how to complete the quest see our Pokemon Legends Arceus Arezu’s Predicament guide below.

Request, Request, and More Requests

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Once you regain control of your trainer you will notice something immediately. There are a ton of new Requests in the village for you to complete. The Requests available are:

Not all of the Requests above can be completed at this moment. Just grab all of them before advancing onto the next part of the main story. This will help you save time later.

Follow Arezu to the Commander’s Office

Make your way to the HQ and head inside. If you are able to, speak to Cyllene and level up to the rank of Second Star in the Galaxy Expedition Team. Doing this allows you to use Feather Balls, receive the Recipe: Feather Balls and Recipe: Super Potions, and causes Pokemon of up to level 30 to obey you. Leave the office and head upstairs to see the commander.

When you enter Commander Kamado’s office you will trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you receive an order to study Ursaluna in the Crimson Mirelands, which is a new map. Cyllene will fill you in on the details of the new area.

Head to Colaceon Ruins to Meet Calaba

Image showing Calaba in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Leave the HQ and head to the Front Gate. At the Front Gate Akari will speak to you. She wants to fight again. She has two Pokemon on her team a Mr. Mime and a Pikachu. Defeat both Pokemon to defeat Akari. When she is defeated she gives you the Recipe: Stealth Sprays. Go through the gate and head to the Crimson Mirelands.

You arrive in this area at the Mirelands Camp. This camp is in the northwest and the Solaceon Ruins are east. Head over to the ruins and enter them to meet Calaba and her Bibarel. After this interaction Volo challenges you to a fight. He has Togepi and Gible. Defeat both Pokemon and he will ask you to help him retrieve a Stolen Wall Fragment.

Find the Shady Bandits that stole the Wall Fragment

Leave the ruins and head to the northwest. Go to the former campsite of the shady bandits and look for clues. When you enter the area you look at the fire and then the bandits appear. The three bandit sisters are: Charm, Coin, and Clover. Coin challenges you to a fight and sends out Toxicroak. Defeat Coin to receive the Wall Fragment piece.

Return to the Solaceon Ruins to Deliver the Wall Fragment

Head back to the Solaceon Ruins and speak to Volo. Walk over to Calaba and give her the Wall Fragment when you are prompted to do so. This triggers a cutscene where Calaba changes her attitude towards you. You then put the Wall Fragment into the wall and strange text appears. Calaba translates for you. She agrees to help you on your quest.

Head to Sludge Mound to find Ursaluna

Image showing Ursaluna in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Leave the ruins and head south/southeast to reach Sludge Mound. At Sludge Mound meet with Calaba. She plays the flute and then Ursaluna appears. You are note permitted to catch him, so instead you need to fight. Defeat Ursaluna and Calaba will administer medicine to him. After defeating him you are able to summon Ursaluna using your flute. You also receive the Earth Plate. When riding Ursaluna you can smell out buried treasure.

Return to HQ then Find Arezu

Image showing where to find the missing Arezu.
Map location of missing Arezu.

Leave the map and head back to the village. When you arrive Akari tells you to hurry back to the HQ. Make your way inside and go up to the commander’s office. During this cutscene you learn Arezu is missing in the Crimson Mirelands. Head back to the Crimson Mirelands and summon Ursaluna. Ride to the spot shown on the map above to find Arezu, injured.

Quell the Frenzy of Lilligant, the Lady of the Ridge, at Brave Arena

Image showing Lilligant in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Go from Arezu and head through Diamond Settlement and Diamond Heath to reach the Brava Arena. Here speak to Adaman. Adaman asks if you are ready to take on Lilligant. Get ready then agree.

Inside the arena you face off against Lilligant. Like the previous frenzy fight we did you need to throw balm until it is stunned. At this point you can throw out Pokemon to fight. When you defeat Lilligant you receive the Meadow Plate and a cutscene plays.

After the cutscene head back to the Mirelands Camp. Here you will encounter Volo. Once you are done speaking to Volo go back to the village to trigger another cutscene. Report to Kamado after the cutscene to end this main story mission. You and the crew hit The Wallflower to pass the night. Akari gives you Recipe: Scatter Bangs.

On the next day there is a cutscene. Kamado takes you down to Prelude Beach. Here you see the Hisui coming to Jubilife Village. After this cutscene you will unlock the next story mission called A New Mission.

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