Pokemon Legends Arceus A Peculiar Ponyta Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus A Peculiar Ponyta is Request 19 in-game. This request tasks you with investigating a strange colored Ponyta appearing in the Obsidian Fieldlands. This strange colored Ponyta is acutally a shiny. Completing this quest makes the shiny Ponyta a guaranteed addition to your collection. See our Pokemon Legends Arceus A Peculiar Ponyta guide below for details.

Request 19 Notes

  • Requested By: Yota (via Laventon blackboard).
  • Description: “There was a request regarding a rare Ponyta. Go get the details from Yota, one of the local villagers in Jubilife.”
  • Target: Shiny Ponyta (Obsidian Fieldlands).
  • Rewards: Shiny Ponyta; Raze Berries x3.

Where to Start A Peculiar Ponyta (Request 19)

You can start this quest from the blackboard in Professor Laventon’s office in the Galaxy HQ after completing The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods. Once this main story quest is completed, consult the blackboard to start this shiny hunting Request.

The first step of this quest is to speak to Yota who is located on the western most bridge in Jubilife. Speak to this character to learn that there is a Ponyta wandering around the Horeshoe Plains in the Obsidian Fieldlands. He asks you to catch it for him.

Catch Shiny Ponyta and Deliver it to Yota

After speaking to Yota, stock up on Poke Balls then head to the Obsidian Fieldlands and make your way to the named area of Horseshoe Plains. In the Horseshoe Plains head to the marker on the map above to find the unusual Ponyta. When you approach it near the water a cutscene will trigger. Catch it after the cutscene.

If you fail to catch it and it runs away, fear not. You can re-load the area and try again. Go back to the village then comeback to try to catch it again.

Once it is caught take the unusual Ponyta and head back to the village. Speak to Yota and show him the shiny Ponyta that you caught. After you show him the Pokemon the Request is completed. You receive Razz Berry x3 as your reward and get to keep the shiny.

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