Pokemon Legends Arceus Help Wanted Plowing the Fields Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Help Wanted Plowing the Fields is Request 27 in the game. You can start this Request after completing the main story mission The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods. Speak to Miller in the Farm to learn he needs a ground type Pokemon to help him plow the fields. For help in completing this Request use our Pokemon Legends Arceus Help Wanted Plowing the Fields guide below.

Request 27 Notes

  • Requested By: Miller (Farm).
  • Description: “Miller from the Agriculture Corps says the ground is too hard to plow. He wants to borrow a Pokemon to help with plowing the land to prepare it for planting.”
  • Target: Ground-type Pokemon.
  • Rewards: More fields available for farming.

Where to Start Help Wanted Plowing the Fields (Request 27)

Image showing Miller, the Request 27 giver.

Head to the Farm area in the village and speak to Miller next to the fields. He tells you that the ground is too hard to plow. He then requests that you lend him a Pokemon to help with plowing. This begins Request 27.

Lend Miller a Ground-Type Pokemon and Collect Reward

Image showing Geodude along the Deetrack Path.
Geodude in long grass.

If you’ve been catching Pokemon up to this point in the story you should have at least one Ground-type available to lend to Miller. If not the easiest one to catch is a Geodude. Go to the Heights Camp in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Head south along the Deertrack Path and you will encounter multiple. Catch one then take it to Miller. Give Miller Geodude to work the field.

If you give him a Pokemon you want to keep, simply approach it in the Field and interact with it. You will then be able to switch it out with another one.

After you’ve given Miller the Pokemon the Request is completed. Completing this Request expands the growing capacity of the field. This allows for more crops to be grown for the village.

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3 responses

  1. LonerPrime says:

    Confirmed the pokemon is swappable for another by simply talking with it. On a separate note, gave my Alpha Gravel and got a unique dialogue for mentioning how the Alpha would get the work done in the blink of an eye. Cool little detail.

  2. Nicholas Deeken says:

    It doesn’t give the Pokemon back I lost my shiny hippowdon

    • Eli McLean says:

      Hi Nicholas. If you walk up to the Pokemon in the field and interact with it, you can swap it for another one. This let’s you get your Shiny back.

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