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After you meet with Commander Kamado at the HQ he asks you to look into the Lord of the Woods. This triggers the start of the Main Story Mission 7: The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods. To complete this mission you need to search for a way to quell Kleavor’s frenzy that is being caused by a lightning strike. Use our Pokemon Legends Arceus The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods guide below for help.

Report to your captain in her office to learn more about your next mission

Once you’ve spoken to the Commander on the third floor head back down to ground level. Go into Cyllene’s office and approach her desk to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you speak with the professor then Adaman and Mai. Long story shor is that they want you to go to Grandtree Arena to confront and quell Kleavor. Before doing that you will need to speak to a boy name Lian to learn all about this Pokemon.

Before you leave the HQ a guard named Bagin will stop you. He mentions your satchel and expanding it. To expand the satchel speak to him and pay 100 Pokedollars. This adds +1 item space to the satchel. Keep speaking to him and paying his fee if you wish to further expand the satchel’s carrying capacity.

Find your way to Grandtree Arena to speak with Lian and get information Kleavor

Image showing Lian in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Before you head out go over to Anvin and speak to him at the craftworks to start Request 18. Leave Anvin and go over to the Front Gate. When you near the gate Volo will stop and speak to you. He gives you 3x Super Potions for your quest. Talk the potions then head to the Heights Camp.

At the Heights Camp set your team for a bit of a long journey. When ready head to the southeast until you reach Grandtree Arena. At the arena speak to Lian of the Pearl Clan. Lian attempts to turn you away, but admires your passion. He will fight you using the following Pokemon:

  • Goomy (Lv. 15).

Defeat Lian to trigger a cutscene where Irida appears. They ask for you to help them quell Kleavor somehow. To do this you will need to gather information.

Return to Professor Laventon and tell him what you learned

Head back to the Fieldlands Camp. Speak to the professor there. The professor will invite you back to the laboratory in the HQ. Back at the lab you will look through books and research notes for information on Kleavor’s favorite foods. The professor suggests making Teatime Balls to use on Kleavor.

Work with Lian and Irida to make Teamtim Balls from Kleavor’s Favorite Foods

Image showing the Celestica Flute in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Receiving the Celestica Flute.

Make your way back to Grandtree Arena by using the Front Gate. When you approach the Front Gate Mai will stop and speak with you. You both will head to the Heights Camp. At the Heights Camp Adaman appears with a Wyrdeer. Wyrdeer is impressed by your willingness to help others. You “pass” his test and receive the Celestica Flute. Using this flute calls Wyrdeer for you to ride. You also receive a Mind Plate which allows Pokemon to gain the power of the Psychic type.

Before leaving the camp speak to Balloon Race NPC to complete Request 15. After this Request is completed head back to the Grandtree Arena. Speak to Lian to tell him the method you’ve come up with. Irida asks to battle before going ahead with the plan. She sends out a Glaceon (Lv. 17). Defeat Irida then explain the plan to her.

Calm Noble Kleavor

The next part is a boss fight. You face off against the frenzied Kleavor. To defeat Kleavor you need to throw balms at it to create openings for your Pokemon to attack. Repeat this process until the gauge is depleted and you will calm Kleavor. A cutscene will play when this happens. Kleavor will give you Insect Plate which allows Pokemon to gain the power of the Bug type. After receiving this item Kleavor runs away.

After Kleavor runs away Lian and Irida speak to you. Irida gives you Sitrus Berries x3 for helping with the Kleavor problem. Head back to village. Back at the village Volo will speak to you. After this interaction go to the HQ and report to Commander Kamado. This ends the main story quest.

You will end the day by going to The Wallflower for dinner. During the dinner Akari gives you Recipe: Smoke Bombs. You then go back to your quarters where a woman stops you named Vessa. She asks you to follow her. Vessa asks you to restore a seal that has been broken. She gives you the Odd Keystone.

Take the Odd Keystone and touch the purple wisp when prompted. You will collect the wisp into the Odd Keystone. This starts Request 22: Eerie Apparitions in the Night.

The next day when you exit your house a cutscene plays. You meet a new character named Arezu. This starts the next main story mission called Arezu’s Predicament.

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