How to Ride Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Riding Wyrdeer.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus players explore large open areas with tons of ground to cover. These large open areas are somewhat of a pain to walk across so you will want to ride. Riding Pokemon is a gameplay mechanic that is well worth learning more about. To learn how to ride Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus see HTR’s guide below.

Get the Celestica Flute to Ride Pokemon

Getting the Celestica Flute.

To unlock the ability to ride on Pokemon requires an item called the Celestica Flute. This item is acquired during the Main Story Mission 7: The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods. About halfway through the mission, when you return to the Heights Camp, Adaman will present the Celestica Flute to you. Playing this flute allows you to summon a Pokemon to ride on.

Riding itself is fairly simple. If you wish to ride press the + button. This will summon a Pokemon that you can ride around on. Important notes regarding riding are that you cannot fall from great heights and wild Pokemon are alerted to your presence more easily.

Use the knowledge in the guide above to get out there and ride. Riding is a simple and fast method of getting around the maps quicker. Whenever possible you will want to ride.

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