How to Expand Satchel in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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When you first arrive in Pokemon Legends Arceus you are given a satchel. This satchel is used to hold items you find on your adventure. At first you can only hold 22 items. Thankfully, as you progress the story you can unlock the ability to increase how many items you can carry. To learn how to expand satchel in Pokemon Legends Arceus see our guide below.

Where to Upgrade Satchel in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You unlock the ability to expand how much your satchel can carry by advancing through the main story. Once you reach Main Story Mission 7: The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods a man will stop you as you leave the HQ. Bagin asks if you would like to carry more things. Speak to him to unlock the ability to carry +1 items in your satchel. Each time you upgrade it costs you a scaling amount of Pokedollars.

You don’t have to purchase all of the upgrades at once. Bagins will hang out in the lobby of the HQ and will upgrade your satchel for you at anytime. Simply return and speak to him when you have the Pokedollars needed to increase you carrying capacity.

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