Pokemon Legends Arceus A New Mission Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus A New Mission is the 9th main story mission in the game. This mission begins after you complete the Arezu’s Predicament story mission. Once that mission is complete you need to go and speak to Commander Kamado to get your next mission. To complete this mission use HTR’s Pokemon Legends Arceus A New Mission guide below.

Go to the Commander’s Office in the Galaxy Hall

Image showing Kamado, Trainer, and Irida in the HQ.

Leave your quarters and head to the Galaxy Hall/HQ. Go upstairs to the third floor and enter Commander Kamado’s office. When you enter you will trigger a cutscene where you get new orders to survey the Cobalt Coastlands. Before you head out you learn a little bit about the region and what all is expected of you.

Once you’ve met in the office this mission comes to an end. You then begin a new main story mission called The Lordless Island. This mission tasks you with going to the Cobalt Coastlands.

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