Pokemon Legends Arceus Measuring Your Compatibility Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Measuring Your Compatibility is Request 28 in the game. This Request begins by speaking to Belamy in the Village. Bellamy wants to view your compatibility with a Pokemon. To help you complete this Request use our Pokemon Legends Arceus Measuring Your Compatibility guide below.

Request 28 Notes

  • Requested By: Belamy (Pastures).
  • Description: “A villager named Belamy says you remind him of his grandmother. He wants you to show him that you can likewise befriend Pokemon as she could.”
  • Target: Strong Pokemon bond.
  • Rewards: Rare Candy x1.

Where to start Measuring Your Compatibility (Request 28)

Image showing Belamy, Request 28 giver.
Belamy next to the Pasture.

You can start this Request after you complete The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods main story mission. Head over to the Pastures in the village and you will find Belamy standing next to the fence. Speak to him and he will tell you about his grandmother. After he’s spoken Request 28 begins.

Show Him a Pokemon You are Compatible With

Completing this request is easy to do. Simply show him a Pokemon you’ve spent a lot of time with. I personally just used my starter Rowlett and he accepted it. If not try a different Pokemon in your party.

Once you’ve shown him you are compatible with your Pokemon the Request is completed. He will give you a reward of Rare Candy x1. You can also return to him and have him check your friendship with your Pokemon at any time. To do this return to Belamy, speak to him, show him the Pokemon you wish to evaluate, and then wait for his reply.

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