Pokemon Legends Arceus The Search for Bitter Leaves Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Search For Bitter Leaves is Request 29 in-game. This Request is made by Shinon from the village. Shinon is looking for a specific medicine and needs you to find the ingredients for it. To help you complete this Request use our Pokemon Legends Arceus The Search for Bitter Leaves guide below.

Request 29 Notes

  • Requested By: Shinon (Canala Avenue).
  • Description: “Shinon wants to make some medicine and asks you to collect the materials needed. Apparently Anise of the Medical Corps can tell you what you need to find.”
  • Target: .
  • Rewards: Fine Remedy x3; Hopo Berry x5.

Where to Start The Search for Bitter Leaves (Request 29)

Image showing Shinon, the Request 29 giver.

After you complete The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods main story mission you can do this Request. Make your way to Canala Avenue in the village and speak to Shinon there. She tells you about the medicine and to speak to Anise to learn more.

Anise is located inside her quarters nearby. Go into the quarters and speak to Anise. The ingredient we are looking for comes from a three leafed Pokemon named Petilil found in the Crimson Mirelands.

Catch Petilil and Bring to Anise

Go to the Crimson Mirelands and make your way to the Cottonseed Praire. Here you will encounter wild Petilil (small, green, three-leaved Pokemon) in a field. Catch one of these Pokemon and return to the village. Take your Petilil and head back to Anise. Give Anise the Petilil you capture.

When you give this Pokemon to Anise a cutscene plays. During this cutscene Shinon comes into the quarters. Shinon is scared of the Pokemon, but Anise forces her to face her fears. After this confrontation the Request is completed. You receive your rewards.

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