Pokemon Legends Arceus Inspiration from Hippopotas Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Search For Bitter Leaves is Request 22 in the game. This request comes from Anthe who runs the Clothier in the Jubilife Village. When you speak to her you learn she is looking to add new clothing pieces to the shop and would like you to help her. To complete this Request use our Pokemon Legends Arceus Inspiration from Hippopotas guide below.

Request 22 Notes

  • Requested By: Anthe (Clothier).
  • Description: “The clothier Anthe has asked you to show her a male and a female Hippopotas since she heard that they each have different appearances.”
  • Target: Male + Female Hippopotas (Crimson Mirelands).
  • Rewards: New items added to the clothier’s lineup

Where to Start Inspiration from Hippopotas (Request 22)

Image showing Anthe, Request 22 Giver.

You can start this Request after you complete The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods main story mission. This Request is given to you by Anthe who runs the Clothier in the village. Speak with her when she has a request icon above her head. She will tell you she needs you to catch her both a Male and Female Hippopotas.

Catch Male and Female Hippopotas and Show Anthe

Image showing where to find Hippopotas in the Crimson Mirelands.
Map location of Hippopotas.

Make your way to the Crimson Mirelands and head to the named location called the Sludge Mound. To the west of this location you will find a number of mud pits with Hippopotas in them. Catch both a male and a female Hippopotas (different colors) then head back to Anthe.

Image showing a male and female Hippopotas.
Male and Female Hippopotas.

Show Anthe both a Male and a Female Hippopotas to complete the Request for her. Once this Request is completed there are new clothing styles added to the Clothier.

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