Dying Light 2 Secret Weapons and Items List

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One of the more enjoyable aspects of Dying Light was the amount of special and hidden weapons on the game’s map. This made exploration a fun part of the game. Thankfully, Dying Light 2 carries on the tradition by hiding a variety of secret weapons and items around the map for players to discover. To keep track of them all here’s the Dying Light 2 secret weapons and items list.

STATUS: Updating + Spoiler Warning.

Secret Weapons and Items in Dying Light 2

The hidden weapons and items in Dying Light 2 are a mixture of types and uses. These secrets are hidden fairly well and require exploration or completion of certain things in the game that you normally wouldn’t do. The table below features the secret weapons and items and links to guides on how to get each one.

Item/WeaponTypeTerritoryWhere To Find
Left Finger of gloVaRangedGarrisonDeveloper Room
KorekCharmGarrisonDeveloper Room
Cyber Hands 2177 KnuckledustersGarrisonSpeak to the Liquidator on the roof of the building south of the Developer Room.
BroomNightrunner ToolGarrisonRidden during the Baba Yaga Parkour Challenge.
Mistress SwordMacheteGarrisonBlueprint found in the Doom level in the VNC Tower basement.
Dying ForceRangedGarrisonBlueprint found in the Doom level in the VNC Tower basement.
BicycleNightrunner ToolGarrisonRidden during the Bicycle Parkour Challenge.
United in Fun – Everyone Can Play (Football)ThrowableTrinityScore 9 Goals on Football Pitch.
It’s Me… MarianSneakersLower Dam AyreRoom in container suspended by crane.
Pan of DestinyThrowableNewfound Lost LandsComplete the Space Cock side quest in the Newfound Lost Lands.
Kacper’s Flip-FlopsSneakersNew Dawn ParkAppears in the Fish Eye Canteen safe room after laying on mattress on balcony.
Goon SmasherHammer Areas of Old VilledorComplete Something Big Has Been Here side questline (5 parts) in NG+.
Artifact Headwear
Great Scott
Blue Hair
Cat Trap
Engine Bludgeon
Spear from Olympus
Octopus Mask
Korek Machete v3.0
Runner Gloves
Runner Tank Top
Runner Sweat Pants
Manhattan Gloves
Shoelace Machete
Beer Caps
Wind Leaf
Street Cleaver

All of the above weapons and items come from the Developer’s Menu under the Easter Egg filter. Not all of them are guaranteed to be attainable in the game. If you are on PC you can download that mod to play around with them.

As more details around each item and how to get them are discovered I will update the list accordingly. Let me know what you’ve found in the comments below. Tell me what you got, how you got it, and whether its a secret or not.

Thoughts on the Dying Light 2 secret weapons and items list? Drop them in the comments below.



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10 responses

  1. Elise says:

    Street cleaver and shoelace Machete are common weapons

  2. Sixxf00t4 says:

    If been trying to find the Korek machete 3.0 with no luck idk maybe it will be in the story dlc.

  3. InvalÏd says:

    I had the Shoelace machete in my inventory after finishing the game with the Nightrunners ending. Not sure if I had picked it up on the way to Waltz or if it was there for finishing with that ending.

  4. Eli McLean says:

    The challenge locked weapons and items can be acquired by following a simple exploit. This means Broom, Hoverboard, Doom Shotgun in the open-world.


  5. Max says:

    i found kacpers flip flops its recorded in this video timestamp in the description

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