How to Get the Kacper’s Flip-Flops in Dying Light 2

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In Dying Light 2 there are a number of hidden weapons and items for players to find. These weapons and items are hidden well, so they require players to seek them out. One such item in the game is the Kacper’s Flip-Flops. This rare pair of sneakers can be your in the New Dawn Park territory. To learn more about how to get the Kacper’s Flip-Flops in Dying Light 2 see our guide below.

Lay in Bed on Fish Eye Canteen Settlement Safe Room Balcony

Visit this map location to find Kacper’s Flip-Flops

To unlock these special pair of sneakers is still a bit of a mystery. If you go to the safe room in the Fish Eye Canteen you need to look to see if you have a “The Escape” poster next to the door leading to the house’s balcony. If you do, go onto the balcony and lay in the bed there. Wait a minute and then head back inside to find the sneakers on the chair next to the poster.

If you don’t see the poster, this is where things get a bit more complicated. The exact thing that triggers the poster and bed to appear is not yet known. I personally didn’t have the poster but did the following and it appeared:

  • Unlocked Metro: Newalls Crossing station.
  • Completed side mission The Reddest Red.
  • Collected the Military Airdrop in the area.

It’s also important to note that I had beaten the game at this time. Whether or not that plays a part remains to be seen. If you have any ideas on how the Easter egg appears, let me know in the comments below.

The Kacper’s Flip-Flops are an interesting item. They are Rare Sneakers that automatically trigger a roll when you drop from tall highest. This stops you from taking normal fall damage.

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5 responses

  1. Tyler J Hoops says:

    I have started the mission “to kill or not to kill” but have not done anything other then just talking to the guy at the bar and accepting the mission, and I found the shoes. Not sure when they appeared though, I started the mission a while back and just never got around to finishing it yet. Not sure if this mission has anything to do with the shoes though.

  2. Joe says:

    I haven’t beat the game or finished redest red and got them. I also checked my missions completed and not completed and I don’t have to kill or not to kill. Knock those off your list. When I noticed them sitting on the chair I had just finished the story mission – the shoe – for Lawan and then talked to frank. Haven’t done any side missions in a while. They also could have been sitting their a while as I hadn’t been to the canteen in a bit.

    • sleever44 says:

      When i bought the Blood Ties DLC they just appeared. I hadn’t 0layed in awhile and decided to since I would be playing again once the DLC dropped. It just happened to be the last place I was when I stopped was The Fish Eye. It loaded up and there they were.

  3. Nived says:

    It all depends on the mission “to kill or not to kill” I believe

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