Where to Find the Bicycle in Dying Light 2

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There are a number of interesting hidden weapons and items in Dying Light 2 for players to discover. These items are well hidden and require looking around the world for secrets. One of the more popular secrets is the bicycle. The bicycle is used in the game during a special parkour race. To learn where to find the Bicycle in Dying Light 2 see our guide below.

Collect the 7 Red Ducks

Image showing a Red Duck in Dying Light 2.

Before you can access the bicycle race you need to do a bit of collecting. You need to find 7 hidden Red Ducks. These Red Ducks are located around the map inside safes. To unlock the bicycle race you must first find all of the ducks. HTR’s Red Ducks locations guide shows you where to find them all around the map.

Find the Red Bicycle to Unlock the Bicycle Parkour Challenge

The Bicycle is located near this building in Garrison.

Once you’ve collected all of the Red Ducks around the map the next step is to find the bicycle. To do this make your way to the Metro: VNC Tower and head directly east. On the outside of the station you will find a bicycle leaning next to the building support (closest to the water). Approach the bike to bring up the Bicycle Parkour Challenge. This challenge has 3 medals you can unlock:

  1. Gold – 2:30.
  2. Silver – 3:20.
  3. Bronze – 4:10.

To medal you need complete the course laid out along the building. It is fairly hard and you need to ensure you go through every gate along the way. Keep in mind this race is very hard as you can easily fall of the platforms heading up the building. Good luck.

That’s all you need to know to find the bicycle in Dying Light 2. This secret item is part of a number of secret items in the game. There are other items you can find like a flying Broom and even a Star Wars themed weapon.

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