Where to Find the Developer Room in Dying Light 2

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Dying Light 2 is a huge open world players can explore. Inside this world there are a variety of secrets to uncover. One secret players can find is a special developer room. This room pays homage to the Techland, the developers of the. Going to the room also unlocks a special hidden weapon called the gloVa. If you want to get this special weapon for yourself the guide below will help you. Below I show you where to find the developer room in Dying Light 2.

How to Access the Developer Room Location

To get this special weapon blueprint you need to advance the main story until you unlock the territory called Garrison. Complete main quests in this area until you unlock one called Broadcast. Complete the Broadcast quest so you unlock access to the VNC Tower Roof. Go to the VNC Tower Roof via the elevator to get started finding the developer room.

The developer room is located on the building to the southwest. Paraglider over to this building and land on its roof. Here you will find a military airdrop and an electrical box. The electrical box part of the puzzle to access the developer room. There are three boxes on different floors we need to connect electricity to:

  1. Grab the cable from the roof box. Go to the eastside of the building. Drop along the outside of the building so you land in the second set of open windows. Attach the cable to the box there.
  2. Cross the room and grab the cable on the westside. Drop out the window down to the second set of open windows below. Attach the cable there.
  3. Grab the cable on the eastside and drop down to the two grassy areas below. Go in the room here and attach it.

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Once you’ve attached the three cables you will power up a door here that Interact with the panel next to the door to turn off the defensive systems. Go inside to enter the developer room.

Where to Get the Left Finger of gloVa Blueprint

Inside this room you will find an enemy. Defeat it then explore the room if you’d like. The room features a number of references to Techland throughout. Make your way through the rooms to the bedroom. Inside the bedroom lay on the bed with all of the teddy bears in it. Keep lying until the gloVa Blueprint appears on the Techland poster in front of you.

Pick up the gloVa Blueprint to add it to your collection. This blueprint can be made at any using the crafting menu. This unique ranged weapon costs 369 Scrap to create.

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