How to Get the Pan of Destiny in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2 there are a number of hidden weapons and items for players to find. These weapons and items are off the beaten path and require players to explore and solve puzzles. One secret weapon players can find in the game is called the Pan of Destiny. To get this weapon see our how to get the Pan of Destiny in Dying Light 2.

Find the Talking Cock

To get this hidden weapon in Dying Light 2 you need to find a talking cock. This talking cock is located inside the Stronghold at the end of the game. You can go there either pre or post completing the game. Go to the map location shown above and you will find a room called The Escape. Inside this room is a cock in a cage. Speak to it to begin, select yes when prompted, and the side quest called Space Cock will begin.

Complete Space Cock Side Quest (Find the Spaceship Part)

Brunek, the talking rooster, wants you to bring him a spaceship part so he can escape. This spaceship part is located in the edge of the East Borough in the very southeast corner of the territory. Go to the quest marker and interact with the car there. Take the part from off the hood then head back to Brunek. Give Brunek the part for the spaceship.

Receive the Pan of Destiny

When you give Brunek the spaceship part he disappears. The quest then ends and you receive your rewards. Alongside the rewards of XP the Pan of Destiny blueprint will appear on the table next to the chicken coop. Pick up the blueprint to add it to your inventory. To craft the Pan of Destiny weapon you need to have 369 scrap. Once created the pan can be thrown as it is an uncommon throwable item.

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