How to Get the Football in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2 there are a number of hidden weapons and items players can find by looking off the beaten path. These weapons and items are often hidden behind secret activities you must complete or locations you must visit. One secret weapon players can unlock is the Football. Learn how to get the Football in Dying Light 2 below.

Where to Find the Football Blueprint in Dying Light 2

To get this special weapon blueprint in Dying Light 2 make your way to the Old Villedor Trinity Community Soccer Field in the Trinity territory. Once you are at the field look for a soccer ball. Push, kick, or melee the soccer ball through the goal. Fast travel out of the territory then return to the field and score again. Repeat this process for a total of 9 times.

On the ninth time you score the goal the goalposts will light up and an enemy will appear. After the enemy dances for a bit it will attack. Defeat this enemy and a container containing the United in Fun – Everyone Can Play blueprint will appear. Open the container and grab the blueprint to add it to your inventory.

United in Fun – Everyone Can Play Recipe

The United in Fun – Everyone Can Play blueprint allows you to create a soccer ball whenever you’d life from the Crafting menu. This uncommon throwable item requires 369 Scrap per soccer ball made. Like other throwables in the game, when you throw the Soccer Ball at enemies it staggers them.

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