How to Get the Triple Jump Shoes in Dying Light 2

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There are a number of hidden weapons and items for players to find in Dying Light 2. These hidden things require exploration and often times effort to find. One of the hidden things players can find in the game is a pair of sneakers that allows the player to triple jump. To get these sneakers for yourself use HTR’s how to get the Triple Jump Shoes in Dying Light 2 guide below.

Where to Get the It’s Me… Marian Shoes

Image showing the Heron Renagodos bandit camp in Dying Light 2.

Advance your way through the main story until you gain access the second, east section of the map. In this section go to the Lower Dam Ayre territory and head east until you reach a bandit camp called Heron Renagodos (shown on map above). Clear this camp and claim it as a safe zone so it becomes available to you.

Image showing where to get the Triple Jump shoes in Dying Light 2.
Reach the suspended seacan.

Once the safe zone is setup make your way to the east side of the compound. Here you will find a board. Down below the board is a platforming sequence leading to a container suspended from a crane. Drop down and complete the platforming sequence so you reach the container on the crane. Open the door and go inside the container to find a room. Lay in the bed for about 20 seconds and a package containing the shoes will appear on your right. Grab them to receive the It’s Me… Marian sneakers.

How to Triple Jump

These sneakers are a bit interesting due to the fact they let you triple jump when worn. To do the triple jump it appears you need to be on solid ground. Simple push forward and jump twice. You third jump is a higher front flip. This video shows the sneakers in action.

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