5 Things to Do After Beating Bloodstained Ritual of the Night

If you followed are Bloodstained Ritual of the Night guide, you will have beaten the game. Congratulations! After the credits roll you may be wondering what to do next. Well, here are 5 things to do after beating Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.

Complete Side Quests

Image showing the Susie NPC.

Some of the best gear items you can get in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night come from completing the various side quests NPCs give you in game. These side quests range from tracking down certain items to cooking specific dishes. If you haven’t completed these side quests, take the time to do so. They are well worth the trouble. Here are some guides to help you:

Fight O.D. the Hidden Boss

Image showing OD.

If you didn’t already know there is a hidden endgame boss fight you can access. This hidden boss fight has you facing off against everyone’s favorite vampire librarian, O.D. There are specific requirements to access this boss fight, so check them out here. Defeating O.D. nets you a pretty sweet reward, so you are gonna want to fight him.

Hunt Down Pesky Demons

Image showing demon #97.

If you are going for full completion, you will need to hunt down certain demons that are somewhat hidden. Some of the pesky demons you may need help locating include demon #44 and demon #97. Peep the guides to see what you need to do to find them and add them to your demon archives.

Play Hard, Boss Rush, or Speedrun Modes

Image showing Boss Rush and Speed Run modes.

Once you beat the game once you unlock a number of new modes to play. These new modes include a new difficulty in hard mode in Hard, a boss rush mode, and a Speedrun mode. If you feel like punishing yourself, try playing any of these modes to see if you have what it takes. These new game modes can be accessed on the game’s title screen through Extra Game Modes (for Boss Rush and Speedrun) or when starting a new game or new game+ (for Hard Mode).

100% The Map

Image showing 100% map completed in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.

As you traverse the map in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, you will notice a progress percentage in the top left corner. This progress percentage highlights how much of the map you’ve explored. Reaching a total of 100% unlocks the Cartographer achievement/trophy. Check out steam user πth0n’s 100% map here to see what rooms you may have missed.

Bonus: Wait for the Game’s Free DLC

If you’ve done everything listed above, congratulations. You are among the gaming elite. There isn’t much left in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night for you to complete. For the time being it is probably smart to put the game down and maybe do something else? This time away will give the developers a chance to develop the 12 planned DLC releases that are coming to the title. These DLC releases include two new playable characters, new game modes, and more.

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