Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Benjamin Quest Guide

As you travel through the Castle Entrance of Bloodstained Ritual of the Night you will meet an NPC called Benjamin. Benjamin is trapped and needs an item to get home. This sequence starts a questline featuring Benjamin. Below is our Benjamin quest guide.

Benjamin Location #1: Castle Entrance

Image showing the location of Benjamin in the Castle Entrance.

The first time you meet Benjamin is inside the upper portion of the Castle Entrance. He is sitting in the room located at the spot marked on the map above. When you speak with Benjamin he will ask for an item to help him get home. Give him a Waystone to receive 1000G. Benjamin will teleport away from this room.

Benjamin Location #2: Forbidden Underground Waterway

Image showing the location of Benjamin in the Forbidden Underground Waterway.

After Benjamin warps away from the Castle Entrance he heads to the Forbidden Underground Waterway. Here he resides half way up the waterfall room behind a breakable wall on the right side. Go here once you have the Invert ability and speak to him give him a Waystone again to get 5000G.

Benjamin Location #3: Oriental Science Lab

Image showing the location of Benjamin in the Oriental Science Lab.

The final location of Benjamin is at the Oriental Science Lab. Here Benjamin can be found under a large stone archway in the room with the two red bridges. You need to have the Dimension Shift ability to reach him. When you reach Benjamin give him a Waystone to receive 10000G.

Visit Benjamin in Arvantville

Image showing the reward for completing Benjamin's questline.

Once you’ve saved Benjamin from the three locations listed above, he will appear in Arvantville. Return here and speak with him to receive the Adversity Ring. This ring causes status infliction to increase your power. That concludes the Benjamin quest line.

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