Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Demon #44 Location

There are a total of 127 demons for players to find and defeat in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. While you are eradicating these demons you may notice one is missing, demon #44. This guide will show you the demon #44 location.

Ride the Train Again (Bridge of Evil Area)

Image showing boarding the train.

To start you will need to have access to the train. This is done during the main storyline as you will make a Passplate which allows you to board the train in the Bridge of Evil area. Once you have access to the train, clear it first so you can ride it without the timer. Head to the train and board it.

Sit in Passenger Car

Image showing where you can sit on the train.

After you exit the starting storage car you will arrive in a passenger car. The seats on the right side of the car will prompt you to interact with them. Sit down and wait. As you sit you will look out the window. You will see the castle in the distance. Continue watching until a demon appears. It will get closer and closer until it triggers a jump scare. Once this happens you will return to the passenger car and will have to fight.

Demon #44: Kunekune

Demon #44 is named Kunekune. This demon is fairly hard to fight. Check the character sheet above to get an idea about what you will be facing. Kunekune drops a Resist Curses shard. Good luck!

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