Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Demon #97 Location

There are a total of 127 demons for players to find and defeat in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. While you are eradicating these demons you may notice one is missing, demon #97. This guide will show you the demon #97 location.

Reach the Den of Behemoths

Image showing the first room in the Den of Behemoths.

The Den of Behemoths is a let game area you reach while pursuing the good ending of the game. To reach this area you use a portal that appears in the appear area of the Garden of Silence. To find demon #97 you need to have access to the Den of Behemoths.

Reach the Race Room

Image showing the location of the race room in Den of Behemoths.

In the Den of Behemoths make your way to the room marked on the map above. This room is a race room. Here you will race a ninja through the room in the hopes of beating him.

Beat the Ninja Race

Image showing the reward for beating the race.

To add demon #97 to your archives you need to beat the ninja’s race. To do this use a combination of Reflective Ray ability, Double Jump, and the Aegis Plate. Use the Reflective Ray to warp along horizontal stretches, Double Jump anywhere the corners, and wear the Aegis Plate to protect from spikes. Beating the ninja earns you the Accelerator shard and unlocks entry #97 of the demon archive, Harrier.

Demon #97: Harrier

Image showing demon #97.

Demon #97 is named Harrier. This demon is by beating it in a race. Check the character sheet above to get an idea about what you will be facing. Good luck!

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