Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Susie Foods List

In Bloodstained Ritual of the Night there are a number of side quests for players to complete. One set of quests comes from an old woman named Susie who appears inside Dominique’s shop as you progress the game. Susie wants you to bring her different dishes depending on what she feels like eating. The problem here is she doesn’t remember the dishes names. To help you here is our Susie foods list.

Who is Susie?

Image showing Susie.

Susie is an old woman that appears in Dominique’s shop towards the beginning of the game. She sits on the couch to the left of Dominique’s stall. As an old woman, Susie has terrible memory. She wants you to give her specific food dishes when she has a craving. The only tips you receive are through small though bubbles which feature an image of the dish Susie wants. Here are the answers to Susie’s cravings:

You can find the locations of food recipe books here, ammunition books here, and healing item books here.

  1. Portable Snack: Give Susie a Rice Ball to receive the Thorn Whip.
  2. Irresistible: Give Susie a Pizza to receive the Convex Glasses.
  3. Fried Finger Food: Give Susie Fried Potatoes to receive the Tsurumaru.
  4. Yellow Kernels: Give Susie Corn Chowder to receive the Apron.
  5. Baked Dish: Give Susie Macaroni Gratin to get the Kukri.
  6. Classic Sweet: Give Susie Cookies to get the Hair Apparent IV.
  7. Something Spicy: Give Susie Curry & Rice to get the Berdiche.
  8. Novel Idea: Give Susie Omurice to get the Gondo-Shizunori.
  9. Rolled-Up Treat: Give Susie Strawberry Crepe to get Feather Robe.
  10. Saucy Strands: Give Susie Classic Spaghetti to get Murgleis.
  11. Refreshing: Give Susie Lemonade to get Duelist Guard.
  12. Breaded: Give Susie Pork Cutlet to get Dojigiri.
  13. Fluffy: Give Susie Egg Souffle to get Misericorde.
  14. Miracle: Give Susie Chiffon Cake to get Fangshi Scarf.
  15. Crispy Skin: Give Susie Chicken Saute to get Kaladanda.
  16. Sea Urchin: Give Susie Uni Rice Bowl to get Lethality Ring.
  17. Risotto: Give Susie Apple Risotto to get Demon Necklace.
  18. Noodles in Broth: Give Susie Soy Ramen to get Gambler’s Ring.
  19. Falls Apart: Give Susie Shimmer Foneus to get Dainsleif.
  20. Beef Hot Pot: Give Susie Sukiyaki to get 8-bit Nightmare.
  21. Life-Changing: Give Susie Exquisite Steak to get Recycle Hat.

The final item you from Susie, the Recycle Hat, has the following description, “A strange hat that stops ammunition form depleting.” If you are running a gunner build, you want this hat.

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  1. Jack says:

    Everybody except the lost guy is pulling their weight and doing something to help or remember the dead, and this chick is just going to chill and eat all your damn food.

  2. Hyul says:

    Thanks for the list! The quests are good if done asap, otherwise they’re just time consuming.. Loving the hat for a bit of variety though!

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