Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Abigail Mementos List

In Bloodstained Ritual of the Night there are a number of side quests for players to complete. One set of quests comes from a woman named Abigail who stands in front of the shrine beside the main hub area in Arvantville. Abigail asks you to bring mementos in honor of perished citizens of the town. To help you here is our Abigail mementos list.

Who is Abigail?

Image showing the Abigail NPC.

Abigail is the woman that stands in front of the shrine in the left area of the Arvantville hub. She wants you to give different mementos to honor fallen villagers. These mementos are various items you will come across during you playthrough. Here are all the mementos Abigail wants:

Here are the armor recipe locations needed for the items below.

  1. Catherine: Give Tunic to get 5x Rice.
  2. Caleb: Give Ring to get Safe Ring.
  3. Noel: Give Brigandine to get 3x Pizza.
  4. Morris: Give Bat Wings to get 3x Chocolate Cake.
  5. Talia: Give Rhava Bural to get Toy Shoes.
  6. Norah: Give Flame Ring to get Eye of Horus.
  7. Edith: Give Tea Dress to get Hair Apparent IX.
  8. Alba: Give Hound Vest to get Cowboy Hat.
  9. Dennis: Give Flame Circlet to get Warlock’s Necklace.
  10. Lily: Give Silver Tiara to get 3x Chicken Casserole.
  11. Wanda: Give Silk Dress to get Maid’s Hairband.
  12. Rachel: Give Ribbon to get Silver Power Ring.
  13. Nadia: Give Diamond to get Majestic Plate.
  14. Enos: Give Orichalcum to get 3x Forneus Meuniere.
  15. George: Give Ancient Tiara to get Solomon’s Ring.

The final item you receive is the Solomon’s Ring. This equippable ring increases the how often enemies yield shards. If you are doing a completionist run, you will want to acquire this ring.

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