Things to Do After Beating Cyberpunk 2077

Point of no return for the Cyberpunk 2077 endings.

The conclusion of Cyberpunk 2077 takes an unusual turn by establishing a point of no return, returning you to a previous save upon finishing the game. This design choice means there’s no opportunity for a new game plus or endgame content. At first glance, it might seem like there isn’t much left to do. However, there are still engaging activities to explore after completing the main story. Here are some post-game activities to consider:

1. Unlock All Five Endings and Their Epilogues

Once you’ve completed the game, you might wonder if there are alternate endings, and indeed there are. Cyberpunk 2077 offers a total of six distinct endings, each with varying impacts and outcomes for V. To fully experience the game’s narrative possibilities, embark on the journey of uncovering these endings and their epilogues. This endeavor alone will consume a substantial amount of your time but is definitely worth it. For guidance on how to unlock all the endings, refer to our Cyberpunk 2077 endings guide.

Clear the Map of Activities

Cyberpunk 2077 map full of activity icons.
There is a ton of activities to complete in Night City.

Chances are, you didn’t have the opportunity to complete every activity on the map before reaching the game’s conclusion. Since you return to a save prior to entering the Ember restaurant, you now have the chance to tackle all the activities scattered across Night City. Whether this is worthwhile depends on your preference. Many of these activities are relatively short, and by completing them, you can earn valuable rewards such as cash, increased Street Cred and character levels, and gear that makes V stronger.

Complete Any Side Mission Arcs You Haven’t Done Yet

Kerry Eurodyne in Cyberpunk 2077.
Kerry has a story arc you can explore.

The main storyline in Cyberpunk 2077 can be quite captivating, leading players to overlook some of the game’s more intricate character arcs. Nearly every major NPC you encounter has a unique story arc that you can explore. It’s highly recommended to delve into the story arcs of characters like Panam, Johnny, Kerry, Judy, and Delamain. Completing these side arcs not only unlocks Trophies/Achievements but also yields special weapons, armor, romantic relationships, and alternative endings. Furthermore, they showcase CD Projekt Red’s exceptional storytelling and world-building.

Collect Rare Weapons, Cars, and Clothing

V wearing all Johnny Silverhand apparel items while standing by his Porsche.
A collection of Johnny’s items are hidden away throughout Night City.

Night City hides numerous rare weapons, cars, and clothing items waiting to be discovered and added to your inventory or stash. Obtaining these items often involves completing various in-game activities, such as side missions or exploration. Some notable items to seek out include Johnny Silverhand’s wardrobe, car, and weapons, the chatty firearm Skippy, and the Akira-inspired motorcycle. Expanding your collection with these unique items can be a rewarding pursuit.

Trophy and Achievement Hunt

For completionists aiming to fully explore Cyberpunk 2077, tackling the game’s achievements and trophies is a must. These in-game challenges encompass a wide range of objectives, from leveling up your character’s stats to finding specific items and completing certain quests. Earning all of these achievements and trophies will demand a significant amount of time and dedication.

Play the Phantom Liberty DLC

On September 26th, Cyberpunk 2077 received its first and, to date, its sole significant DLC expansion, known as “Phantom Liberty.” This update introduces a captivating story set in the gritty streets of Dogtown, featuring new characters, items, and hidden secrets to discover. Notably, “Phantom Liberty” includes a unique and exclusive ending specifically designed for the base game, which can only be unlocked by successfully completing this DLC storyline.

These are the post-game activities we’re currently engaged in after completing Cyberpunk 2077. How are you spending your time in Night City? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts with us and your fellow players in the comments below. Best of luck out there!

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  1. Jason says:

    the multiplayer aspect is a separate entity, it is not coming with this game.

    • enricofairme says:

      Hi Jason. Has there been any clear info on this? Everything I’ve found is super vague with outlets saying it’s multiplayer mode while CD says they view it as a seperate thing (but not really expanding on what seperate means).

      • luis says:

        They were pretty clear it’s a whole different map, you can’t enter regular nighcity on the new multiplayer (But really we don’t know, cdpr just had a huge drop in their stocks, things might change drastically, the mp can end up taking longer, maybe being better, it’s their only chance to recover from this financially, since a witcher game would take years)

  2. enricofairme says:

    What type of expansions and DLC do you hope we get for the game?

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