Cyberpunk 2077 Endings Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 is a huge story with a ton of diverging paths for players to explore. These different paths lead to different endings. Each ending in the game leads to a different story outcome and has different trophies/achievements tied to unlocking them. If you are wondering what the endings are and how to get them you’ve come to the right place. Use our Cyberpunk 2077 endings guide below to learn how to unlock them all.

Point of No Return in Cyberpunk 2077

Image showing the point of no return for the Cyberpunk 2077 endings.

Once you reach Act 3 of the game you will basically be at the end of the main story. From this point on you can trigger a point of no return. This point of no return happens during the mission called N0CTURNE 0P55N1. During this mission you need to meet Hanako at Embers. When you approach the elevator to this restaurant you will trigger the point of no return for the game’s endings. From this point on you will have to complete the main story before you can go back to side missions and gigs. Keep this in mind when you decide to start this mission.

Things to Do Before the Point of No Return

After you meet with Hanako at Embers you will start the game’s ending. There are a total of five possible endings for players to unlock. These endings range from depressing to happy and they largely depend on decisions you’ve made throughout the story leading up to this point and decisions in the endings. If you wish to get all available endings you will need to have completed the following before entering the point of no return:

  • Completed all of Panam’s side missions including Queen of the Highway.
  • Completed all of Johnny’s side missions including Blistering Love.
  • Built a friendly relationship with Johnny during the course of your playthrough.
  • Save Takemura during Search and Destroy.

Once you’ve done the necessary steps listed begin the final mission to start the game’s ending paths. While on the elevator after the conversation at Embers you will speak with Johnny. During this conversation you will collapse and will wake up at Viktor’s clinic. Grab the gun and pills then head upstairs with Misty to the roof of her shop. From this point you will be able to select the different game endings when speaking to Johnny.

Could Also Just Put All This To Rest Ending

Image showing the Could Also Just Put All This To Rest ending in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Ending Rundown: V uses the pistol she picks up off the table at Victor’s to take her own life. This occurs on the rooftop of Misty’s store. This ending is the shortest at about 7ish minutes to complete.

The first of two possible default endings you can get is to end it all. This ending can be unlocked by selecting a choice like “Think Trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it.” when Johnny asks. Johnny will question you on this choice and this will unlock a new option that says “Could also just put all this to rest.” Select this choice then select [Toss pills] I know. Exactly what we’re gonna do. This will trigger the ending where Johnny sits beside you, the camera pans up, and a gunshot rings out as V ends her life. The credits will then roll. During the credits Viktor will talk to you. There is no trophy/achievement for getting his ending.

Hanako’s Offer Ending (The Devil Trophy/Achievement)

Image showing a portion of the Hanako's Plan ending in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Ending Rundown: V helps Hanako expose her brother during a boardroom meeting. This is done in exchange for getting the chip out of V’s head. Hanako keeps Yorinobu alive to implant her father Saburo into him. V ends up in a space medical base where she learns the chip removal didn’t work very well. V can then sign a contract to join the “Secure Your Soul” server at Arasaka Tower or return to Earth where she will die.

The first ending you can get is a default ending. All you need to do to gain access to this ending is complete the main story missions. On the roof of the clinic you will sit and decide your fate. Johnny will present you with the different choices. Choose “Think Trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it.” to unlock this ending. Be sure to confirm this choice when questioned by Johnny by selecting [Take omega-blockers] Yeah. Don’t be mad.

If you opt to go with the Hanako ending you will rely on Arasaka tech to remove the biochip. When the decision is made you will take the blocker so Johnny disappears. You then need to call Hanako when prompted. Hanako will send a driver to you. Head downstairs and wait/talk with Misty. After you wait either Anders Hellman will appear at the shop alone or with Takemura (depending on the outcome of Search and Destroy).

Anders/Takemura will take you to the Arasaka estate where you must take out a number of guards in and around the house. Once this is done you rescue Hanako from the estate. You will then fly to the Arasaka headquarters where you then will need to follow Hanako to an elevator. This elevator takes you to a room below the tower. This room houses the soul of Saburo.

After the interaction with Saburo you will have an episode where you will collapse again. You will then have to follow Hanako through the jungle in tower (Oda appears here if you spared him). In the jungle you will reach the board room where you must give your testimony. The meeting will get attacked and you will need to defeat the attackers. Take the elevator up to the upper atrium when prompted.

Fight your way through the upper atrium until you reach another elevator. Take this elevator up to the CEO’s office. In the room after the lobby area you will fight Adam Smasher. Defeat Smasher then confront Yorinobu. During the confrontation with Yorinobu there is a gun on the floor. You can move it out of the way or leave it. After Hanako comes into the room you will leave the room with Anders via an elevator. In the elevator you collapse. If you brought Takemura with you The Devil Trophy/Achievement will pop at this point.

After the Net sequence you will wake up in a clinic in space. After this awakening you will be taken away by a guard to your room. Sleep in your bed to trigger a dream interaction with Johnny. After this you will do testing for a while. Eventually you become frustrated and Anders/Takemura will give you a contract you can sign to join the “Secure Your Soul” server or you can decline and head back to Earth. Choose what you want to happen to V to trigger the credits.

Panam and the Aldecaldos Plan (Temperance or The Star Trophies/Achievements)

Image showing letting Johnny have the body in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Ending Rundown: Panam and the Aldecaldos agree to help V attack Arasaka Tower. The nomads use the mining drill to tunnel beneath the tower. This let’s the group enter the tower where they encounter Adam Smasher. Once Adam Smasher is defeated V uses the Mikoshi access point to jack into the system. Inside V meets Jackie who is still alive inside the system. V then appears in the Net where she meets with Johnny and Alt. Turns out Alt split you and Johnny and V is now a construct. V can re-enter the body and or let Johnny take the body. If V takes the body she rejoins the Panam and the Aldecaldos. If Johnny takes the body he leaves Night City.

The first of the missable endings is the Panam/Nomad ending. This ending can be accessed only if you’ve completed Panam’s side-quest arc that ends with the Queen of the Highway side mission. Once you’ve completed this side mission you will get a third option when you talk to Johnny on the roof that is “Gonna ask Panam for help.” Johnny will ask you if you are sure reply with [Take omega-blockers] Yep. Gonna do this with the nomads. This selection will start the nomad ending.

After you take the omega-blockers Johnny will leave then you need to call Panam when prompted. Panam will agree to help you break into Arasaka Tower. She will come to get you, so head down to Misty’s Esoterica. Speak to Misty and head into the shop with her. Misty will offer to give you a reading in her shop, accept if you want. Once the reading is over Panam will appear and pick you up. Panam will take you to the camp.

At the camp you will speak to Mitch. Follow him when prompted to reach Panam and Saul. The duo has put together a wild plan to raid the tower by tunneling under it. Agree to the plan to get started. Saul will then point you towards Dakota who will hook you up with a connection to the Net to meet Alt.

In the Net speak to Alt on the Net. Long story short Alt will help you get into the tower. Alt will take care of the security in the tower while you will need to focus on other things like fighting enemies. Once you are off the Net you will awake back in the camp. Speak to Saul on the back of the truck when you are prompted to be welcomed to the family. When you get off the truck you will collapse. You can then run around the camp talking to other Nomads at this point.

After this speak to Panam follow her to Saul where you will slot in the shard. Use the drone to scan the site of the tunnel. Once you are finished scouting drive to the site. When you reach the site the Basalisk will lose power. Use the sniper to take out the drones while Panam fixes it. Ram into the area then fight the enemies until the drill is up and running. Go into tunnel when prompted.

Jack into the control room to start the drill. The drill will clear a path into the tower’s earthquake protection area. From here you will make your way into the tower. Inside the tower you will face off against Adam Smasher. Adam kills Saul and a boss battle starts. Once Adam is defeated you will be able to enter a room that has the Mikoshi access point. MAKE A MANUAL SAVE HERE.

Jack-in to the access point to meet with Jackie, Johnny and Alt again. Here you must decide if V returns to the body or Johnny takes it. If you want to unlock the The Star trophy/achievement return to the body. If you want to unlock the Temperance trophy/achievement let Johnny take the body. Making a save when I prompted you means you can simply reload and do the alternate choice, otherwise you will need to play through the entire ending again.

Rogue’s Plan Ending (The Sun Trophy/Achievement)

Image showing a screenshot from the Rogue's Plan Ending in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Ending Rundown: Johnny takes control of V and asks Rogue to help him break into Arasaka Tower. To get into the tower Rogue knocks a satellite out of the sky then the crew flies in on a chopper (like Johnny did back in the day). On the way to the tower the chopper gets hit. It crashes into the tower’s jungle. From here the group makes there way down to the tower’s basement where they are attacked by Adam Smasher. Smasher kills Rogue and Johnny kills Smasher. Once Smasher is dead Johnny connects to the Mokshi Access Point. Inside V must decide whether to keep the body or if Johnny gets it. If V keeps the body she takes over Rogue’s position at the Afterlife as a Fixer. If Johnny get gets the body he leaves Night City.

The Rogue’s plan ending, like Panam’s plan, can be missed if you don’t complete certain sidequests in the game. To do this ending you need to have completed all of Johnny Silverhand’s sidequests in Act 3. This questline ends with the Blistering Love side mission. Once that mission is complete this ending will become available to select on the rooftop. All you need to select when talking to Johnny to get the ending rolling is “Think you and Rogue should go.” When Johnny asks if you are sure [Take pseudoendotrizine] I am. Do your thing, Johnny. Once you pop the pills Johnny will take control.

Once Johnny is in control he will go to Afterlife where he will speak to Rogue. Rogue will close the bar and you will discuss breaking into Arasaka Tower over a drink of Johnny’s alcohol. After drinking and other fun activities you will pass out. When you wakeup Weyland will take you to see Rogue. Grab the retrothrusters Rogue offers you then grab the shard. Rogue will then lay the plan down on you.

After the plan is laid out Johnny jumps into the Net. Here Johnny speaks to Alt to get help to take control of the security around the tower. Back in the real world speak to Rogue then follow here up to the roof. On the roof enter the chopper and ride it to the tower. On the way it gets hit and crashes into the jungle section of the tower.

Once you are in the jungle you will need to regroup with Weyland then access the elevator. Take the elevator up to the atrium. At the atrium follow Rogue down to the security room. Open the server room door and upload Alt into the system. Leave and head to the elevator. Ride the elevator down to Netrunner Operations.

Inside Netrunner Operations you will encounter Adam Smasher. Smasher will kill Rogue. Once this occurs there is a boss fight. After the fight head to the Mokshi Access Point. Jack-in to the access point to reach the other side. Here you will need to decide if Johnny keeps the body or V does. If you opt to let V keep her body you will unlock The Sun trophy/achievement.

Don’t Fear The Reaper (Secret) Ending

  • Ending Rundown: Johnny stops you from shooting yourself. Instead he offers to embark on a suicide mission. This mission sees Johnny take control of V to attack Asakara Tower solo. Once he enters the Makashi port he then decides whether to keep or let V have the body. If V takes the body she takes over the role of Rogue (who is still alive in this ending). If Johnny takes the body he leaves Night City.

To unlock the Johnny goes alone ending you need to ensure you ensure you have a couple of things done in your game. The first is that you and Johnny have a good relationship. This is done through a number of different interactions in the game. Try to be nice to Johnny whenever possible to build up your relationship. The second thing is that you also need to ensure you don’t tell him he is a legend when you visit his grave. Once you’ve accomplished both of these steps start the ending and reach the rooftop. You should also ensure you have both the Panam and Johnny side mission arcs completed.

On the rooftop you want to make a selection and then wait on the final decision screen (where you choose to take the pills). After a few minutes of waiting Johnny will mention a suicide plan. This suicide plan sees Johnny take control of V and fight his way solo through Asakara Tower to the basement. Here Johnny has to fight Adam Smasher. Once Smasher is defeated Johnny ports into the Makashi port and then must decide if V or Johnny gets the body. The entire ending can be seen in the video above by YouTuber xGarbett. There is no Trophy/Achievement for this ending.

What Happens Once You Beat Cyberpunk 2077

Image showing the end screen from Cyberpunk 2077.

When you beat the game you will see the game’s end credits. As these credits roll characters will speak to you about the ending you chose. Once you’ve gotten through or skipped the credits you will see the screen shown above. This screen says:

“Congrats. You’ve completed the main storyline of Cyberpunk 2077. But remember that Night City never sleeps – there’s still so much to see and do. You can continue from your last open world checkpoint where you will have a special reward waiting for you. Would you like to keep playing?”

If you decide to jump back into the game you will return to the save prior to the point of no return. You will unlock some rewards from the endings you completed, but your story will remain as it was prior to starting the game’s ending. There is no new game plus mode at the moment.

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3 responses

  1. Dugy says:

    So my thoughts on my first ending of Cyberpunk, for anyone reading this will contain SPOILERS for The Devil (Arasaka side) ending.

    Throughout the game my V and Johnny shared an interesting relationship, one where they couldn’t stand each other at first, found common ground, got closer… and then fell apart. When my V told Johnny that Arasaka would be her best chance, Johnny scoffed, told me that they would do nothing but leave me hurting… sadly, the arrogant pr**k was right.

    My V didn’t want to die, I did everything I could to save her, even went so far as to trust perhaps the worst possible people. But even when they couldn’t save me I knew it wasn’t they’re fault, and it wasn’t Johnny’s, it was mine. Even as they tested me I could help but answer ‘betrayal’ with ‘me’ and ‘loyalty’ with ‘Johnny’, I fucked over the one person who tried to look out for me and ended up in the same position as him… stuck in Mikoshi and waiting for a sap to take my personality.

    Was it a happy ending? Nope. Did I feel like total trash as the final credits rolled through to the end? Yup. Do I regret my decisions? Probably. But do I think it’s a bad ending? Absolutely not.

    Death is a curious subject in the world of Cyberpunk, and The Devil ending forces you to truly see it’s beauty and horrors, and it’s certainly an ending that’s going to give me a lot to think about as I play again.

  2. Michael says:

    Do you have to start a brand new game to start another ending?

    • enricofairme says:

      You do not. You return to the autosave that is made at the point of no return after an ending. This makes it so you can hypothetically do all endings with a single playthrough.

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