Cyberpunk 2077 Endings Guide

A screenshot of Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 offers a vast narrative with numerous branching paths that lead to distinct endings. Each ending comes with its unique story outcome and associated trophies/achievements. If you’re curious about the endings and how to achieve them, you’re in the right place. Explore our Cyberpunk 2077 endings guide below to master them all.

Point of No Return in Cyberpunk 2077

Point of no return for the Cyberpunk 2077 endings.
The game warns you you when the point of no return is.

In Act 3 of Cyberpunk 2077, you’re nearing the conclusion of the main storyline. At this juncture, be aware of the ‘point of no return,’ which occurs during the ‘N0CTURNE 0P55N1‘ mission. To advance this story mission, you must meet Hanako at Ember. Triggering the point of no return will lock you into the main story, temporarily preventing you from engaging in side missions and gigs.

Things to Do Before Starting the Point of No Return

After completing the list above, initiate the final mission to unlock the game’s different ending paths. While riding the elevator after your conversation at Embers, you’ll engage in a dialogue with Johnny. During this exchange, you’ll suddenly collapse and later awaken at Viktor’s clinic. Gather the gun and pills, then ascend to the rooftop with Misty at her shop. At this juncture, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from the various game endings during your conversation with Johnny.

Could Also Just Put All This To Rest Ending

Could Also Just Put All This To Rest ending in Cyberpunk 2077.
You can decide to end it all on the rooftop.

Ending Rundown: In this ending, V takes her life using a pistol found on Victor’s table. This tragic event unfolds on the rooftop of Misty’s store and is the quickest ending, lasting approximately 7 minutes.

Follow these steps to unlock the Could Also Just Put All This To Rest ending:

  1. During a critical dialogue with Johnny, choose the response, e.g., “Think Trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it.
  2. Johnny will question your choice, unlocking a new option: “Could also just put all this to rest.
  3. Select this new choice.
  4. Then, choose “[Toss pills] I know. Exactly what we’re gonna do.
  5. This choice leads to an ending where Johnny sits beside you.
  6. The camera pans upward, and a gunshot signifies V’s tragic decision to end her life.
  7. Subsequently, the credits will roll.
  8. During the credits, Viktor communicates a poignant message.
  9. It’s worth noting that obtaining this ending does not grant a trophy or achievement.

Hanako’s Offer Ending (The Devil Trophy/Achievement)

Ending Rundown: In this ending, V aids Hanako in revealing her brother’s misdeeds during a boardroom meeting. This cooperation is based on the promise of removing the chip from V’s head. Hanako preserves Yorinobu’s life to implant her father, Saburo, into him. However, V’s journey takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself at a space medical facility, where the chip removal procedure isn’t entirely successful. Faced with two choices, V can either sign a contract to join the “Secure Your Soul” server at Arasaka Tower or return to Earth, where her fate is sealed with death.

Follow these steps to unlock the Hanako’s Offer Ending:

  1. On the clinic’s rooftop, decide your fate with Johnny presenting various choices.
  2. Select “Think Trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it” to unlock this ending.
  3. Confirm this choice when prompted by Johnny by selecting “[Take omega-blockers] Yeah. Don’t be mad.”
  4. When prompted, contact Hanako, and she’ll send a driver.
  5. Proceed downstairs and interact with Misty while waiting.
  6. Either Anders Hellman will appear at the shop alone or with Takemura, depending on the outcome of “Search and Destroy.”
  7. With Anders/Takemura, head to the Arasaka estate, where you’ll confront guards.
  8. After dealing with the guards, rescue Hanako from the estate.
  9. Travel to the Arasaka headquarters, where you’ll follow Hanako to an elevator leading to a room below the tower housing Saburo’s soul.
  10. Following the interaction with Saburo, an episode occurs, causing you to collapse again.
  11. Follow Hanako through the jungle within the tower (Oda may appear if spared).
  12. Reach the boardroom in the jungle where you must provide your testimony.
  13. The meeting comes under attack, and you’ll need to fend off the attackers.
  14. Proceed to the upper atrium using the elevator when prompted.
  15. Engage in a fierce battle in the upper atrium, culminating in a confrontation with Adam Smasher.
  16. Defeat Smasher and proceed to confront Yorinobu.
  17. In the confrontation, a gun lies on the floor; you can choose to move it or leave it.
  18. After Hanako enters the room, leave with Anders via an elevator, where you eventually collapse.
  19. If Takemura accompanied you, The Devil Trophy/Achievement will be unlocked at this point.
  20. Following the Net sequence, you’ll awaken in a space clinic.
  21. A guard takes you to your room after waking.
  22. Trigger a dream interaction with Johnny by sleeping in your bed.
  23. Undergo testing for a period until frustration sets in.
  24. Anders/Takemura will offer a contract to join the “Secure Your Soul” server or return to Earth.
  25. Choose V’s fate to trigger the credits based on your decision.

Panam and the Aldecaldos Plan Ending (Temperance or The Star Trophies/Achievements)

Image showing letting Johnny have the body in Cyberpunk 2077.
You can let Johnny take the body and leave Night City in Panam’s ending.

Ending Rundown: Panam and the Aldecaldos aid V in attacking Arasaka Tower, drilling underneath to confront Adam Smasher. After their victory, V enters the Mikoshi system, encountering Jackie, Johnny, and Alt. Alt separates V and Johnny, leaving V as a digital construct. V must decide to re-enter the body and stay with Panam or let Johnny take control and leave Night City.

Follow these steps to unlock the Panam and the Aldecaldos Plan Ending:

  1. To access this missable ending, complete Panam’s side-quest arc concluding with the “Queen of the Highway” mission.
  2. After finishing the side mission, a new dialogue option with Johnny on the roof becomes available: “Gonna ask Panam for help.”
  3. When prompted, reply with [Take omega-blockers] “Yep. Gonna do this with the nomads,” initiating the nomad ending.
  4. Johnny departs after taking the omega-blockers, and you must call Panam as instructed.
  5. Panam agrees to aid in infiltrating Arasaka Tower. Head to Misty’s Esoterica and speak with Misty.
  6. Accept Misty’s offer of a reading if desired; afterwards, Panam arrives to pick you up and takes you to the camp.
  7. At the camp, speak with Mitch and follow his lead to Panam and Saul, who have devised a daring plan to tunnel under the tower.
  8. Agree to the plan, and Saul directs you to Dakota, who provides a Net connection to meet Alt.
  9. Inside the Net, communicate with Alt, who aids in breaching the tower while you focus on combat.
  10. After leaving the Net, you awaken at the camp. Speak to Saul on the truck and then explore the camp.
  11. Speak to Panam, follow her to Saul, and slot in the shard as instructed.
  12. Use the drone to scout the tunnel site, then drive to the location.
  13. While there, the Basalisk loses power; eliminate drones while Panam repairs it.
  14. Ram the area, engage in combat, and ensure the drill is operational before entering the tunnel.
  15. Inside the tunnel, jack into the control room to initiate the drill.
  16. The drill clears a path into the tower’s earthquake protection area.
  17. Progress further into the tower, where you confront Adam Smasher, leading to a boss battle.
  18. After defeating Adam, access a room with the Mikoshi access point (create a manual save here).
  19. Jack into the access point, reuniting with Jackie, Johnny, and Alt.
  20. Make a crucial choice: return to the body to unlock “The Star” trophy/achievement or let Johnny take it to unlock “Temperance” (creating a save earlier allows you to unlock both choices).

Rogue’s Plan Ending (The Sun Trophy/Achievement)

Image showing a screenshot from the Rogue's Plan Ending in Cyberpunk 2077.
Johnny and Rogue form a plan to take on Arasaka.

Ending Rundown: Johnny seizes control of V and implores Rogue to aid in infiltrating Arasaka Tower. In their approach, Rogue eliminates a satellite to secure an entry point, and the team embarks in a chopper reminiscent of Johnny’s earlier days. Unfortunately, the chopper sustains damage en route, crash-landing in the tower’s jungle terrain. Here, they descend to the tower’s basement, only to confront Adam Smasher, who claims Rogue’s life. Johnny retaliates, defeating Smasher. With Smasher vanquished, Johnny accesses the Mokshi Access Point. Inside, V faces a pivotal decision: retain their body, assuming Rogue’s role at the Afterlife as a Fixer, or relinquish it to Johnny, who departs Night City.

Follow these steps to unlock the Rogue’s Plan Ending:

  1. The Rogue’s plan ending is missable and requires completion of all Johnny Silverhand’s Act 3 sidequests, including “Blistering Love.”
  2. After completing “Blistering Love,” access this ending on the rooftop by selecting “Think you and Rogue should go” when talking to Johnny.
  3. Confirm your choice with “[Take pseudoendotrizine],” allowing Johnny to take control.
  4. Johnny visits Rogue at the Afterlife, and you discuss infiltrating Arasaka Tower over drinks.
  5. Following some revelry, you black out, and Weyland escorts you to Rogue.
  6. Collect the retrothrusters from Rogue and the shard, and receive the plan.
  7. Johnny enters the Net, seeking Alt’s assistance in taking control of tower security.
  8. Return to Rogue in the real world and proceed to the rooftop.
  9. Board the chopper, which gets hit and crashes in the tower’s jungle section.
  10. Regroup with Weyland, access the elevator, and reach the atrium.
  11. Accompany Rogue to the security room in the atrium.
  12. Open the server room door and upload Alt into the system.
  13. Exit and head to the elevator, descending to Netrunner Operations.
  14. Encounter Adam Smasher in Netrunner Operations; he kills Rogue, leading to a boss fight.
  15. Proceed to the Mokshi Access Point, where you decide whether V or Johnny retains the body, unlocking “The Sun” trophy/achievement if V keeps her body.

Don’t Fear The Reaper (Secret) Ending

Ending Rundown: In this ending, Johnny intervenes as you consider ending your own life. Instead, he proposes a daring suicide mission. Johnny assumes control of V to launch a solo attack on Arasaka Tower. Inside the Makashi port, he faces the critical decision of who should retain the body. If V chooses to keep it, she assumes Rogue’s role (who remains alive in this ending). Alternatively, if Johnny opts to take the body, he departs from Night City.

To unlock the Don’t Fear The Reaper ending, make sure you have accomplished the following in your game:

  1. Build a good relationship with Johnny through various interactions.
  2. Do not tell him he is a legend when you visit his grave.
  3. Complete both the Panam and Johnny side mission arcs.
  4. Reach the rooftop during the ending sequence.
  5. Make a selection but wait on the final decision screen (where you choose to take the pills).
  6. After a few minutes of waiting, Johnny will mention a suicide plan.
  7. In this plan, Johnny takes control of V and embarks on a solo mission through Arasaka Tower to the basement, where he confronts Adam Smasher.
  8. Once Smasher is defeated, Johnny can choose whether V or Johnny gets to keep the body.

Please note that there is no Trophy/Achievement associated with this ending. You can also watch a video of this ending by YouTuber xGarbett for a detailed visual walkthrough.

Tower Ending (The Tower Trophy/Achievement)

Ending Rundown: Reed & Myers setup administer medical care for V because she handed over Songbird safely. With the assistance of the FIA, V is airlifted to a medical facility for necessary treatment. This medical procedure leads to V falling into a two-year-long coma, during which they lose the ability to receive cybernetic enhancements, effectively becoming fully human. After awakening from the coma, V decides to return to Night City and embark on a fresh start in life.

To unlock the Tower Ending in the game complete the following:

  1. Successfully finish either the King of Swords or the King of Pentacles endings within the Phantom Liberty DLC.
  2. The completion of either of these endings grants access to a unique mission known as “Who Wants to Live Forever.”
  3. This mission can be initiated on the rooftop above Misty’s Esoterica, like the other endings.
  4. On the rooftop call Reed to initiate the new ending.
  5. Once unlocked, “Who Wants to Live Forever” can be undertaken at any time, meaning you can complete other endings before you do this one.

What Happens Once You Beat Cyberpunk 2077

The ending message players get when they beat Cyberpunk 2077.
You get a special message for completing Cyberpunk 2077.

After completing the game, the end credits will appear. During these credits, various characters will comment on the ending you selected. After you’ve either watched or skipped the credits, you’ll encounter the following screen with a message that says:

“Congrats. You’ve completed the main storyline of Cyberpunk 2077. But remember that Night City never sleeps – there’s still so much to see and do. You can continue from your last open world checkpoint where you will have a special reward waiting for you. Would you like to keep playing?”

Should you choose to continue playing, you’ll be taken back to a save point before reaching the point of no return. While you’ll receive rewards based on the endings you’ve completed, your story progress will remain unchanged from before you initiated the game’s ending. As of now, there is no new game plus mode available.

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3 responses

  1. Dugy says:

    So my thoughts on my first ending of Cyberpunk, for anyone reading this will contain SPOILERS for The Devil (Arasaka side) ending.

    Throughout the game my V and Johnny shared an interesting relationship, one where they couldn’t stand each other at first, found common ground, got closer… and then fell apart. When my V told Johnny that Arasaka would be her best chance, Johnny scoffed, told me that they would do nothing but leave me hurting… sadly, the arrogant pr**k was right.

    My V didn’t want to die, I did everything I could to save her, even went so far as to trust perhaps the worst possible people. But even when they couldn’t save me I knew it wasn’t they’re fault, and it wasn’t Johnny’s, it was mine. Even as they tested me I could help but answer ‘betrayal’ with ‘me’ and ‘loyalty’ with ‘Johnny’, I fucked over the one person who tried to look out for me and ended up in the same position as him… stuck in Mikoshi and waiting for a sap to take my personality.

    Was it a happy ending? Nope. Did I feel like total trash as the final credits rolled through to the end? Yup. Do I regret my decisions? Probably. But do I think it’s a bad ending? Absolutely not.

    Death is a curious subject in the world of Cyberpunk, and The Devil ending forces you to truly see it’s beauty and horrors, and it’s certainly an ending that’s going to give me a lot to think about as I play again.

  2. Michael says:

    Do you have to start a brand new game to start another ending?

    • enricofairme says:

      You do not. You return to the autosave that is made at the point of no return after an ending. This makes it so you can hypothetically do all endings with a single playthrough.

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