Where to Find All Johnny Silverhand Items in Cyberpunk 2077

V wearing all Johnny Silverhand apparel items while standing by his Porsche.

In Cyberpunk 2077, you have the opportunity to step into Johnny Silverhand’s shoes through a series of his memories. If you’re interested in acquiring the clothing he wears, the car he drives, and the gun he wields for your own V in Night City, you’re in luck. This guide below will lead you to all the locations where you can find Johnny Silverhand items in Cyberpunk 2077.

All Johnny Silverhand Items in Cyberpunk 2077

To unlock the “Breathtaking trophy/achievement, you must collect all the items that once belonged to Johnny Silverhand. These items are scattered across various activities within the open world and side missions. To locate all seven items that Johnny Silverhand once owned, follow these steps:

  • Gun (Malorian Arms 3516): Obtain Johnny’s iconic gun by completing the side mission called “Chippin’ In” during Act 3. At the end of the mission, Grayson will give you the gun after you confront him on the ship.
  • Car (Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo): During the “Chippin’ In” mission, spare Grayson when prompted. He will provide you with a key that opens a shipping container containing the Porsche.
  • Upper Torso (Replica of Johnny’s Samurai Jacket): Rogue grants you this clothing item during the “Chippin’ In” side mission.
  • Inner Torso (Johnny’s Tank Top): Acquire this item during the “Parasite” side mission, one of the initial missions in Johnny Silverhand’s quest arc.
  • Face (Johnny’s Aviators): Also received as part of the “Chippin’ In” side mission.
  • Feet (Johnny’s Shoes): Located inside the locker with the bootleg during the “GIG: Family Heirloom” mission in Charter Hill.
  • Legs (Johnny’s Pants): Found in a pink suitcase in the room adjacent to the guitar room in the apartment during the “GIG: Psychofan” mission in the southside of The Glen.

Once you have acquired all the items listed above, you will complete the “Breathtaking” trophy/achievement. Your inventory will receive these items for you to use with your V at your discretion. All clothing items will be tagged with an exclamation point to facilitate their easy retrieval when you decide to equip them. Enjoy cosplaying as your version of Johnny Silverhand.

What are your thoughts on our guide showing you where to find all Johnny Silverhand items in Cyberpunk 2077? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.



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