How to Get the Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo in Cyberpunk 2077

Johnny Silverhand's Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo in Cyberpunk 2077.

Several transportation options are available to players as they traverse the urban landscape of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077. Although running is the simplest mode of travel, summoning a vehicle is often preferred to expedite your journey. In the game’s pre-release marketing, a standout vehicle was the Johnny Silverhand Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo. It’s a real-world car that honors past engineering feats. If you’re eager to acquire this classic automobile for yourself, please refer to our guide on how to get the Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo in Cyberpunk 2077 below.

Spare Grayson During the “Chippin’ In” Mission

Sparing Grasyon during the Chippin in Mission in Cyberpunk 2077.
Select [Put weapon away] to spare Grayson.

To get the Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo as a collectible vehicle, advance through the main storyline until you reach Act 3. Once you’ve reached this stage, Johnny will approach you with a request for assistance. Accept his request to initiate the “Chippin’ In” mission. To successfully complete this mission, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Afterlife Club: You’ll need to head to the Afterlife club as part of the mission.
  2. Take Misty’s Pills: At the club, you’ll be required to take Misty’s pills, allowing Johnny to take control of your body temporarily. This is essential for progressing the mission.
  3. Complete the Party Sequence: After taking the pills, participate in the party sequence that follows.
  4. Escort Ruby: After the party montage, you’ll find yourself in the street, and you’ll be tasked with escorting a girl named Ruby back to her place.
  5. Interact with Rogue: While accompanying Ruby, an accident will occur, and you’ll be rescued by Rogue, the person you initially wanted to see.
  6. Wait for Rogue’s Call: Following this interaction, you’ll need to wait one in-game day for Rogue to contact you.
  7. Answer Rogue’s Call: When Rogue calls you, answer the call, and she’ll provide further instructions.
  8. Return to Afterlife: Head back to the Afterlife club as instructed by Rogue.
  9. Confront Grayson: Eventually, you’ll embark on a mission to confront Grayson, who is located on a ship.
  10. Non-Lethal Approach: When you reach Grayson at the end of the mission, opt for a non-lethal resolution. This is crucial as it allows you to obtain the key to the Porsche from him.
  11. Use the Key: After obtaining the key from Grayson, proceed to the shipping container controls.
  12. Retrieve the Porsche: Lower the shipping container and use the key on the container to unlock Johnny’s Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo.

Following these steps will grant you access to Johnny’s iconic Porsche, which you can then spawn and use for your travels in Cyberpunk 2077.

Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo in Cyberpunk 2077

The Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo is one of the game’s rare real-world cars. Developers dedicated time and effort to its design and sound, paying meticulous attention to detail, even using a real model. This effort shines through in its faithful representation in the Cyberpunk 2077 world.

For those fortunate enough to acquire this ride in-game, the scan feature offers valuable insights into its specifications:

  • Drive train: RWD
  • Horsepower: 296
  • Mass: 2,668 lbs

The special paint job, adorned with Johnny’s beloved Samurai logo, adds a unique touch to this already impressive car. Its accessibility and the ability to summon it whenever you like make it a worthwhile acquisition for any player in the game.

The Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo is just one of multiple Johnny Silverhand items players can unlock in the game. If you wish to wield Johnny’s hand cannon be sure to check out our guide on how to get the Malorian Arms 3516. Additionally you can dress like Johnny Silverhand by acquiring all of his clothing items.

If you have any thoughts or comments on our guide detailing how to obtain the Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo in Cyberpunk 2077, feel free to share them in the comments section below.



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